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drug testing in the state of california

do they even test the amniotic fluid or do they test the urine when the baby is born. in the state of California is mandatory because my doctor keeps asking about my placental abruption that happened over 11 years ago. my mother is a DR and that is a red flag for me that they are trying to insinuate i did meth or some stimulant which was not the case
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I'm not sure what your situation is,  but if you didn't do meth or any kind of stimulant you won't have any worries if they do a drug test.  And yes,  in many cases, if the doctor suspects drug use they do a drug test when the baby is born.

I'm not sure I understand why the fact that your doctor is concerned about a placental abruption that means he's accusing you of drug use.
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There's no need for you to understand why but to answer the question i live in an area where there is 1% minority so they do test them
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This question is fro the state of California
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If you're not doing drugs,  no matter what race or percentage of the population you are,  it won't matter if you get drug tested.

I don't think anyone but your doctor can definitively answer the question about whether you personally will be drug tested.  

Best wishes.
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