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ds has a cold :-( any remedies??

well dd had a cold and spread it to everyone in the house including my ds. he only had a slight temp for a day. after that he seemed fine aside of a slight runny nose, and a minor cough once in a while. his dr said that theres nothing he can take for the common cold, and to just wait it out. i hear phlegm in his chest sometimes when he breathes. i found that tickling him makes him laugh histerically, which in turn causes him to cough. thats the only way the phlegm comes up. im wondering if theres anything i can do to eliminate it in total. i use a humidifier at bedtime, i also sit in the steamy bathroom for about 15 minutes twice a day. is there anything to eliminate the phlegm completey?
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also, any recommendations on preventing retransmission of the cold amungst the house? i tried everything to prevent catching it, but instead everyone did. dd is fine now, dh just has a bad cough, and im all messed up, but taking antibiotics. im worried that theres going to be this chain reaction all over again. i stocked up on antibacterial hand sanitizer/wipes, as well as lysol spray. that didnt stop the spread before, so im wondering if there any other precautions to take?
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Handwashing and masks. But even still it can spread. Getting outside as much as possible is another good way to minimize the spread of it.

Saline drops can help thin the nasal mucus. A drop in each side will usually help baby sneeze, which clears it out.

Other than that it is a wait and see. You have the humidified and you are helping to clear his lungs. Keep an eye out for a fever, seems like a cold tends to lead to an ear infection in young babies.
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i didnt even think about the masks. will def get those. he's been out today since we had really great weather. hopefully that helps. i'll just wait it out and see. Thanks for your response!
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My little Jacob has a cold also. The congestion has been dragging on now for two weeks. I think the best thing you can do for them is keep then on an incline and clean their nose out with saline. I'm not very good at getting all the yucky out. I think I don't put the bulb up there far enough and he squirms away and knocks my hand away.  When I do get it tho, you can always tell he is happy about it afterwards.  

Sorry your dd has a cold.. it really does suck for them.  

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