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I don't know the day of my LMP and I didn't have my first sonagram until my second trimester.  At my first appointment they did a quick sonagram and said I was 19 weeks (concieved on July 6 and due date was March 29th).  Then, I got a conprehensive sonagram 2 weeks later where they measured the baby to get a more accurate due date and it said my due date was March 25, concieved on July 2nd.  I thought for sure I conceived on July 13th which would make my due date a few weeks before what they are saying.  Could the doctors be wrong bc of the late sonagram and could the baby be measuring too small??? I'm scared they are saying my due date is March 25 according to her size when really I'm farther along then they think and she is measuring very small.  We wanted to celebrate the date of conception so could it still be what we thought June 13th or do you think the late sonagram is accurate and it was closer to July2 -july6??? Help please???
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i conceived on june 13th. my due date is march 7th. sonograms measure different parts of the baby. not just one in particular, but a few. thats how they determine the due date this far along. at a recent sono i had done, a few parts of the baby was measuring further than the other. however, that didnt change my due date. in fact for my level 2 u/s, my baby was measuring around a week ahead. now he's right on point, give or take a day or 2.  your first sono is only off by a few days compared to the second one. and thats normal in pregnancies. i would still go by the first one. you may have another pretty soon that puts you back at the due date of march 29th. these things do happen. based on the dates, it really seems like you conceived around july 2-6. good luck!
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I was just wondering because a lot of people are saying that second trimester sonograms are not very accurate bc different babies grow at different rates.  I wasn't sure if its possible for due dates according to LMP and due dates according to sonograms can be 2 to 3 weeks off??
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my first trimester somogram put me at sept 12th...my 2nd trimester sono put me at sept 4th..i was induced sept 12th but was ong ready to give birth.. my body began reacting to being pregnant in the last 3 weeks..high blood pressure...but from both ultrasound you received, its sort of accurate..your dr will measure you as you go and try to go by that..this is why it is important to write down your lmp if you are planning and if not..then its important to see a doc asap...why did you not go for a early us?
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I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 4 months along!  My periods were abnormal and I was on birth control, no morning sickness or any symptons at all.  Finally I was peeing all the time so I decided to take a pregnancy test and it was positive. I went to my obgyn the next day and they did a quick sonogram using a first trimester sonogram that said i was 19 weeks along.  But told me to schedule an appoinment for a conprehensive sonogram asap. I got the second sonogram done the next week which said i was 21 weeks along ( 1 week off from the first) and found out i was having a girl!!  Now im so worried and have many concerns.... most importantly how would they know if my baby is growing properly according to how along i am if they don't know my LMP and a second trimester sonogram is not very accurate. My due date is according to the sonogram where they measured the size of the baby.....they have no way of knowing how she is growing if hey had no accurate due date to compare it to, right??
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