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earliest i can take a pregnancy test!!!!!!

the 1st day of my last period was the 16 th of jan 2009, which gave me a fertile "window" of last wkend 329 - the 2nd roughly. i think i ovulated  on the sun the 1st,

so my question is on what date roughly can i take an early detection pregnancy test (10 miu/ml)??????????

my next period is due on the 13\14 th of feb.

also can anyone tell me if they have had any symtoms at this point??

thanks for any advice!!!!!!!!! i know i should wait until the date of my period or after, but the waiting is killing me!!!!!!!!!
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With first morning urine and a sensitive HPT, some women will get an accurate result about 10 days after conception.  Symptoms don't typically start until this point either - you need to build up enough HCG to cause the symptoms.

Good luck.
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i got the 5 day early test and got my first pos 4 days before my missed period..i started having symptoms at 3 weeks...sore bb's! Good luck! som women cant get a positive result at 5 days before missed period so if u try to test that early and u get a neg result dont get discouraged! it doesnt mean ur not preg it could just be too early!

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