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early termination

I was in the ER for back pain and admitted to the hospital on 9/17.  I had informed them that I was pregnant and was due for my first appointment on the following day.  We had been trying to conceive for two years with one miscarriage last Apr so I used an ovulation test to conceive and believe we conceived around Aug 5-7th but my LMP was 7/23.  I had an ultrasound on the 19th and the ER doctor came in that evening and told me the pregnancy was blighted.   They scheduled me for a DNC the next morning and was released that same day.  I went to the hospital yesterday to pick up the MRI report and with it was the ultrasound report.  I read it and it states "A single untrauterine gestational sac is seen with an average length of 16.4 mm corresponding to a proximal gestation age of six wks duration.  A yolk sac is seen."   Then the impression section says, " Empty intrauterine gestational sac in this patient with an LMP of 7/23.  Features are suggestive of anembryonic pregnancy.  With the gestational sac, the gestational age measures six wks.  However, with the patient's LMP, the gestational age should be 8wks, 2 says and fetal pole should be seen.  Follow-up Beta HCG is suggested."   I was never given an HCG blood test.  If I am reading this correctly I think they terminated my viable pregnancy.  By my calculations if I conceived in Aug I would have only been 5-6 wks.  Please help!  I think something went really wrong.
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it sounds suspect, i have been told on several occasions that to see a yolk sac in early pregnancy is a good sign! for them to have measured you at only 6 weeks it was probably too soon to see the baby, you could have ovulated later than expected accounting for the difference in gestation.
your situation mirrors my 2nd failed pregnancy exactly, i had a scan at  waht i believed to be 7 weeks and the sac and yolk sac was seen i only measured 6 weeks, a week later no hb still and missed miscarriage was diagnosed, i had only lost a baby 3 months prior to that at 16 weeks and was devastated, i had a d&c the next day too and to this day wonder if a viable pregnancy was ended.
i really feel for you and am sat here with goosebumps now.
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The gestational age is calculated from your LMP (7-23-07) so on Sept. 19 you would have been considered 8w2d.  It is hard to say if the pregnancy was viable w/o a full picture -- HCG levels monitored over 48-72 hours, f/u US, etc., but is sounds as if the pregnancy stopped around 6w.

Occassionaly the dating is off if you ovulated early/late -- but it sounds like you tracked it to mid-cycle so the 8w2d would have been pretty accurate.  And by 8w, you would normally expect to see a fetal heartbeat...sometimes it isn't seen until later, but may be due to late ovulation, etc...and not truly later.

I am sorry for your loss...it is so hard.  Even when I m/c last year -- had a heartbeat but then lost it a week later -- I still doubted whether it was right or not.  I think that is normal.

You may want to speak to your ob re: 2 pregnancy losses to see if he/she would like to do any investigating.

Please know that people have had more than one or two m/c and gone on to carry babies full term.  It never hurts to get a second opinion, and to even wait a week for f/u blood work and US (except perhaps if it is an ectopic pregnancy).

I believe you did the right thing...moving forward to trying for another baby.  

Again, sorry for your loss.  All the ladies on this forum are here to help answer questions and offer support -- please feel free to ask any other questions or ask for support.

Wish you the best.

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After reading the remarks, I do believe the Drs were right.  It does sound like the gestational sac did progress to about 6 weeks but according to your LMP, it should be 8 weeks as they include the first two weeks prior to ovulation when dating a pregnancy.

Do not beat yourself up about this.  I think the Drs made the right call.  

I had 3 m/c last year and on the last one my body did not expel the pregnancy and I had a D&E....it was awful, and I always wonder, 'what if the Drs were wrong'......but they weren't.  I know that.  I went at 8 weeks as well and while there was a embreyo....for two weeks prior they were never able to retrieve a hb on the u/s.

I'm so so sorry you have gone through this yet again.  I know your fear and pain.  This forum is a wonderful place to be for support and questions.
I know it was a blessing to me the past year.

I did have some testing done after my second m/c to rule out certain problems and then after my 3rd m/c, even more testing.

It wouldn't hurt to ask your OB if they would recommend any tests for you at this point.

Many blessings to you in the future.
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I agree with deann11.  There should have been much more seen at 8w.  

The person writing the report has to include all possibilities.  He/she does not know your history beyond the reported LMP.  He/she is obligated to bring up the possibility that that you were not as far along as you thought.  

My condolances on your loss.
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I have to agree with deanne and peek, even at 5 or 6 weeks, a fetal pole should be seen. Seeing the 2 sacs and no fetal pole indicates a blighted ovum/anembryonic pregnancy.

I am so sorry for your loss. Please don't spend any more time worrying that you consented to something that shoulnd't have happened. You likely saved yourself weeks of torment to come only come to the same conclusion. I had a BO in June 2003, first started having symptoms in early June, spent days going in for tests, fired an OB after getting no answers, hired a new one and finally got an u/s that revealed what I had suspected and went on to spend 2+ weeks miscarrying naturally at home(my choice, but still stunk). Overall the entire ordeal took a month.

The good news (if you are an optimist) is that blighted ovums are flukes and are not indicators of fertility issues. I finally got my first period 6 weeks after my m/c and got pregnant that cycle. He is now a very active and chaotic 3 year old!

My heart goes out to you and your husband. May you soon be blessed with a healthy pregnancy.
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