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ectopic pregnancy-how can you tell if you're bleeding internally?

I have to have a laparoscopy for an ectopic pregnancy but i have to wait two weeks due to waiting lists etc...my friend had an ectopic pregnancy and she suffered from internal bleeding and was rushed into hospital.

My stomach cramps have been getting more and more severe and I'm scared that if I don't get seen to in time I may suffer from a rupture/internal bleeding.....how will I know if something serious has happened?

I don't want to seem like I'm overreacting or anything but I just want to err on the side of caution. thanks
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wow, i've never heard of waiting for ectopic surgery. A ruptured tube can be life threatening and known ectopic should be taken care of as soon as possible.

When my tube ruptured.. i felt an odd radiating chest pain.  From what I read on the net, radiating shoulder pain is common but mine was more like chest pain/discomfort.  It was extremely painful, just very uncomfortable.  The radiating pain is because the blood in your abdomen will irritate your organs and that causes the radiating sensation.  

if you are concerned, do not hesitate to go to ER.  
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WOW!! OMG! Tanker, your tube ruptured!!! OH sweetie!
Where u already at the hospital, or where u at home?
How did u let it get so bad that it ruptured?
Did you not have pain right away? I mean did your pain come at the last minute (day`s)

I have had 2 etopics...but i never felt any pain...I never needed surgery as my body natural miscarried...although i have found out that they may not have been etopic then..blood clotting issues... I dunnnno

I do know i never believed em when they said it was etopic cause i had no pain..not even when my tummy was pressed.

So that is why I was wondering..cause i am preg now and still still nervous. I think i am out of the wood work...but maybe i am nosey too.

I am so sorry you ladies are having to go through this.
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Honey you should NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT have to wait more than a few days for surgery....how far along are u? do u know ur hcg levels?

If you are under 4-5 weeks I believe you can hold out for another week...HOWEVER, i wouldnt recommend this at all. So if you feel pain where u cannot walk and medicine doesnt help (Tylenol 600mg) go to the ER asap and tell them u are etopic and have surgery scheduled but your pain is so bad and u need help asap.

They will more than likely call ur doc asap...hold u until the next day so that u have a surgery date within 48 hours.

Sorry I am a pro unforntualy in this dept...

I had menstrual cramp pains...and a few sharp ones near the cervix area.
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unfortunately I have to wait because they wanted to give me another scan (no idea why)which held things up...I'm 5 weeks now and will be 6 weeks by the time i have the operation....very scary as this has never happened to me before. not really sure what to expect.
I am taking medication but it doesn't seem to help. I spoke to my Doctor about the wait and he just said it was unfortunate but there was nothing he could do.

I just have the stomach cramps though and some lower back pain but I don't have any chest pain thank goodness...

thanks for your advice ladies....

what ward were you both put on after surgery?

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I never had surgery as my etopics did things naturally.
I did have a D&C once for a regular one and it was outpatient.
Sorry you are going through this. I know its a very scary.
Things will be a breeze and fine though. I lot of woman go through this I hear.
God Bless....i would recommend them giving you methrotrexate (which helps expel etopic pregnancy) As your doctor about this, because you dont want them operating on your tubes...that could cause scar tissue which could lead to more etopic pregnancy or damage (infertility) so its best to avoid this. TRUST ME!

Thanks goodness someone mentioned that to me when I was waiting for a surgeon once...however my levels had dropped so this is why i didnt need the surgery and i was given that methroxate to assist.
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Hi i am very surprised you have to wait because its very dangerous.I had an eptopic when i was a flight attendant and had excrutiating pain every day for weeks and spotting but i didnt think it was serious until i had just come off a flight and the pain got so bad i nwas rushed to hospital for immediate surgery.Do you have a pain in your shoulder or neck at all?thats a sure sign of an eptopic pregnancy(the pain in the neck is on the opposite side of where your having the ectopic).If i were you i would go straight back to the doctors hun x
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Sorry i send my post then realised it was sept that you sent yours.
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no worries. I had the surgery a couple of weeks after i wrote this and all went well...i was in a fair bit of pain afterwards but no where near the amount of pain i had to endure before then. Just glad it is all over and hopefully I won't have to go through it again.

thanks for your posts!

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I had a ectopic or a m/c Oct 7( 7weeks along). Doctor don't know which one i had. I had some blood clots on my right side. I didn't have a dc or a shot my body did it naturally. I'm really scaried of this happening again. If i did have a ectopic, anyone know what the chances of this happening again are? After a ectopic how long did everyone else have to wait to ttc? My doctor said 2-3 cylces but i feel as thought my body's back to normal and emtionally ready as well. Think i should go with my own feeling of the body?
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Hi Everyone, Im really, really concerned!! This is my second ectopic. both times I have been given the injections.. first time no problems but this time Im really really concerned.. I have had non stop diarrhea very watery, shoulder pain and My stomach is swollen like im 9 mos pregnant.. Now I feel constipated nausea and cramping and not urinating as much as usual.. My bp all though its always high its extreamly high with my pulse high @ 100.. I dont know if its ruptured or if this is just a side effect from the injections! I dont know what to do
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im six weeks post surgery from my ectopic pregnancy, my right tube was removed, im also anemic due to the loss of blood but what im really worried about is that the incison is swollen and  red since a few days ago and tender also there a few red bumps around it nothing with pus in it or anything just plain red bumps , my incision is also peeling in some part. is this normal? is the pain still normal? please help
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Wow, I had internal bleeding due to ectopic pregnancy , doctors did emergency surgery to me with in an hour after I went into the hospital , still I lost one liter blood due to internal bleeding , don't wait too long go to ER immediately after you feel pain, one more thing I lost consciousness before they gave me Anastasia.
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If you are bleeding internally, it's not the kind of thing you can ignore. The pain will be so increasingly intense, you won't be able to function (although by the time I went in, I had already lost 50% of my blood). It doesn't feel like cramps necessarily (although it may differ from person to person), but more pain when you move the area. It is intense pain that only gets worse. I had emergency ectopic pregnancy where they went in and cleaned everything out. They didn't remove my fallopian tube, which continued to bleed out after they sutured me up. The pain was so severe, it was 10 times worse than the original ectopic pregnancy. Don't wait to go to the doctor, do it now because if you are internally bleeding you will eventually pass out and possibly have a heart attack. DON'T WAIT! It is very VERY serious, and if you are bleeding they need to give you a blood transfusion and clean out your insides right away. Bleeding in your abdomen has all kinds of side effects that don't end when they fix the problem, so waiting will only make it worse. It's better to be safe than sorry. And listening to the people around you is not always the best solution. I waited to tell the doctor because the people around me were telling me I was overreacting and paranoid, and I almost died as a result. So listen to your own instincts, always.
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