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hi ya...
had baby in july 2006, had long labour and emergency cesarean....ten 10 after delivery developed what is called endometritis.....went straightaway to hospital and had iv antibiotics for a few days till i was 48 hours without temperature then went on oral antibiotics for a week.....does anyone know what effect this infection can have on my fertility?Bearing in mind it was very promptly treated?I am going to try for another baby but very worried some damages may have occurred...please ...anyone in my same shoes or anyone had same and conceived  again?
thank u all bibi70
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I have endo as well.
I had a laparoscopy  (sp?) a few yrs ago.
I am on my 2nd baby within 1 1/2 yrs. I am due Feb. 16th...

The reason we got pregnant so quickly was b/c i didn't want the endo to grow back. I nursed my dd until I got pregnant again.

After this baby my dh and I plan on taking a break...'maybe go for a 3rd in 2 yrs'...but we'll see. I am extremely nervous that it is going to grow back, but i do hear that pregnancy (after pregnancy I should say) will suppress the endo..

Not sure if I helped you at all...but I feel your pain!
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Thanks so much jjerzeegirl, i really appreciate ur help. but mine is endometritis postpartum, not endometriosis, which is what u are talking about...i think, mine is the postpartum infection which is quite common after cesarean deliveries....But thank u so much for the interest and i wish u all the best ....with ur ...third baby!!!!!
good luck..bibi70
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Sorry about that...

I guess I just read the 'endo' part and was happy (well not in a sick way) to see that someone else had this as well....
Not too many people on here can relate to mine.

Well good luck to you!
392843 tn?1200754978
Don't worry, i know, is instinctive, but i find that no many people, actually, no one so far is related to mine either!!!!!even doctors...when u say endometritis....think of endometriosis!!!!
never mind...but thank u so much all the same and i wish u good luck too, but with 2 kids already..u will be absolutely fine!!!!!
keep in touchxxbibi70
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