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febrile seizure in 12 month old

Here is the story...

Corbin (my son) slept in my bed with me last night b/c he was starting with a fever (100.6). Around 4:30am I felt him start shaking and when I sat up to look at him I could see he was having a seizure. His eyes were rolled back and he was stiff as a board while he was convolsing. I yelled for DH and I grabbed the phone to dial 911. DH rolled Corbin to the side and told me he wasnt breathing. A few seconds later he came to, but didnt cry or anything. His eyes were dilated and fixed at the ceiling. The ambulance took us to the ER and he was running a 104.7 temp and his heart rate was 200+ and his oxygen was below 80. They ran some tests and his xRay showed pneumonia and he also had an ear infection. He's now at 101.0 (ish) pretty steady and still really out of it. I honestly thought he was dying. It was the scariest moment of my life.

How common (or not) are these? I keep finding conflicting reports/studies online and would like some personal experience information if possible. What can I do for him? Will he have a seizure everytime he runs a fever? Does it cause any type of brain damage?
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wow i am so sorry you are going thru this, i udo not think seizures cause brain damage. all these questions should definatly be asked to his doctor at the moment.
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One of my twin daughter had seizure when she was 9 months old, she is now 22months and did not have any since. But I also have been very careful with her. Drs told me that it is common to have seizures and may happen again so keep an eye on fever. She had 104 when EMT took it at home, then at ER went to 98 with tylenol and motrin then released. They checked ears- clear, put in catheter no UTI. I was so scared with the situation at the time it happened. I called 911, then from cell call hubby and neighbor.
anyway, I know other kids who have had seizure only once and others with many. My sis's son has had a few already. He gets ear infections then fever leading to seizure. by the way, they say breastmilk help keep the ear infections away, well he has been just having breast milk when this happened.
It really depends on how long the seizure was happening and what happens to the child afterwards. I have read that it can lead to serious issues and  and sometimes nothing. take care.
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