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found out today about blighted ovum, dr wants dnc, should i do it? please help

i am 7 weeks and 1 day, the i had an ultrasound today and the dr told me i have a blighted ovum...or that i have miscarried.  the gestation sac is there but it is empty.  he wants to do a dnc tomorrow cause "he's sure there's no baby", but then i am reading on other board that other women have had the same thing happen and they waited 2 weeks and the baby was there....this is my second ultrasound.  i have been spotting brown blood, and have had some minor cramping.  i just don't know if i should go in for the dnc tomorrow and be done with it, or try to wait it out and see if my baby is still there

i'm trying to have hope, but honestly, i'm loosing it quickly
please help
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I have never had this happen to me personally, but if you have ANY doubts and you can handle waiting it out for a week or two, I'd do that.  I'm very sorry for your loss and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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are you sure you are 7wks?  IF you have ANY doubts, wait and do another ultrasound.  You could've ovulated a week later than you thought and that can be a big difference. I dont want you to get your hopes up but at the same time, I want you to be confident about your decision.  This happened to me in May and I didnt do the D&C until I knew 100% that the baby had died.  I am sorry you are going through this!!!
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i was told at the begining at of pregnacy that i have a blighted ovum but no i am 13 weeks pregnant, if you want to wait, wait, so you don't feel sorry. i waited two weeks, and we saw a HB, when i did the first U/S and they told me that i am 8 weeks prego according to my HCG level but yet i was only 3 weeks some days.
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I would wait a few more weeks. There should be no rush to have a d&c. Wait until you are sure so you don't wonder later.

I am sorry you are going through this.
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