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geography maps????

i posted in the womans health forum, but ill post here too, i was perscribed antibiotics, and im still nursing, my daughters 11 months old, she developed what i thought was a yeast infection and thrush in her mouth 3 days after i began the antibiotics, this is normal i know, her tounge is covered in white stuff that doesnt wipe off, i assumed it was thrush, she had it at 2 weeks old and it seems similar, but the doctor said it was something called geography maps, she defined this as over active taste buds....has anyone heard of that term? i looked it up online, and of course i get no where, what a weird term for an illness...
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geographic tongue

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thanks, i was really confused and got no where looking for "geographic maps/tongues"online, for anyone reading this who is curious, it is a condition of the mouth where one loses tastebuds occationally, causing a smooth surface therefore looking like a geographic map(and its perfectly harmless, thank goodness!)thanks again for the site!
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My husband has GT. (Geograpic tounge) His tounge is really bumpy I call them cracks and crevases. It is not commom. Only like 4% of Americans have it. I think it is hereditary.
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