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gestation sac 5 weeks size!!

i'm 7 weeks pregnant, my cycle is regular so there's no miscalculation, and yesterday  i had my first U/S and the gestation sac is the size of only 5 weeks??
what are the causes of such a finding and what's the next step for me to do?
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Your doctor will certainly repeat the ultrasound.  

Let us know how things work out.  
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he will repeat it next saturday to see if there's growth or not
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Your cycle may be regular, but you could have ovulated late.  Granted, probably not two weeks late...but let me tell you my story to hopefully ease your mind.

By my LMP my due date should have been 11/23.  At my first ultrasound (7 wks) they said my due date was 12/2!!!  I ovulated 9 days later than the typical "14 day ovulation" in a woman's cycle!  (and I had "regular" cycles too!)  I have had 3 more follow up ultrasounds (for other reasons) and my due date has changed to 11/28.  I know they say the 'early' ultrasounds are the most accurate but my little bean seemed to catch up a little bit between my 7 week and 10 week ultrasound.  My due date has consistently been 11/28 now based on the growth of the baby.

Sooooo, maybe your situation is a combination of ovulating late and your lil bean will catch up a little over the next week or so??  Good luck!  I know how stressful it is!  
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Was there a heart beat? If so, was the embryo/yolk sac measuring approx 7wk?

I had IUI done, so there was no mistake about which day I concieved on.  My gestation sac was measuring over a week behind.  Here a the post I did on it:


Anyway, I will be 28wk tomorrow and baby is growing great!! Yvette who hangs out in the Pregnancy over 35 forum had a similar situation and she will be delivering soon.  

Best of luck to you!!!  
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thank u all, ur stories eased my mind a bit, tomorrow i'll do my 2nd u/s and hope to find fetal pulse, and some sort of growth in the size of the sac.....or else it'll be a blighted ovum....though i'm a mother of 2, i find myself deeply concerned about this baby as if i've never had any before......
anyway, thank u ladies again....and wish me luck tomorrow
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at least now i know as a fact that i'm carrying a blighted ovum.....i'll have a D&C on wednesday....no miscalculation, no baby catching up...nothing....just a sac....!!!

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