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getting signs of pregnancy?

how long can it take to find out that you could be pregnant? when should you start to see or feel that signs of it all? day weeks what am i looking at here? i have been quite sick to my stomach and have not had any desire to eat at all, but i am only on day 15 so we have had sex starting on day 10 and every other day since then so is it to early or am i just possible sick from something else? i just am really new to the whole pregnancy thing- but have been trying for about 1 year ( in august) please help me out here!!!!!!
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If you have a normal cycle, it will be about or around 28 days long.  
You typically ovualte mid way through your cycle.  With a 28 day cycle, you would ovulate around day 14.  You should have intercourse from day 10-18 every other day.  

If you are on cd15, I highly suggest that you baby dance.  If you are sick, it is not pregnancy related.  IF you are pregnant, you would be like 1-5 days pregnant, in which case, the fertilized egg has probably not quite implanted.  You have to wait until your next period is due to test for pregnancy in order to get an accurate and reliable result.  

So, no, you are not experiencing pregnancy symptoms.  Even if you were,
signs and symptoms of pregnancy are really no different than PMS.  Early pregnancy symptoms include:  fatigue, cramping, bloating....no different than if your period was on her way.  

Good luck**
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