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i am 34 years old, i have 2 daughters-sarah is 15 years, kaylee is 12 years-both normal. on july 14th i underwent egg retrieval and my husband sperm retrieval(he had a vasectomy in 1996), our embryo's were concieved using icsi. 3 were transfered on july 17th, one was a 10 cell the other two were 8 cells. I began progesterone injections on the 14th as well. on july 28th i was elated to hear i was  pregnant!!! my hcg was 100. it more than doubled to 240. on the 30th. on august 1st. it was only 450. On august 4th it was only 820. On august 6th it was 2100. on august 6th we also had vaginal ultrasound- showed a single sac. on august 8th the levels were 4000. on august 11th the level was over 5000-thats as far as they read. but i had another ultrasound which showed the sac, and no heartbeat.should i have seen a heartbeat? i am very afraid, ireally need some reassurance.fast. The doc.'s office staff says wait and see, they said to talk to the doc. at my appointment, they can't answer my questions. can you tell me if my baby is viable?
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Barbie, I wouldn't worry too much yet, That is still a little early to see the heartbeat I think, It's good that they saw a sac, when I went in when I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, she said you can't even see the sac if your around 5 weeks or less and you don't see the h/b until later, so keep your fingers crossed and your head up and your stress level down. YOur #'s sound good. So Hopefully everything will work out for you, I wish you the best of luck, Let us know how your doing!! K
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When i was pg they could see the heartbeat at 5 weeks.  I don't know if it can be found sooner, but it seems like you may have a little time to wait.  Your HCG levels are growing awesome!  Don't stress about this!  Your baby will be able to feel it!  =)  good luck to you!  Let us know how you are doing!
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I went to Dr.'s today. We saw a heartbeat!!!! It was the most beautiful picture I've seen. So far everything looks good!!!
I really want to thank-you guys for being here for me, it really helps! I get very sad when I think of all the problems some have, now that I'm going through this, even more than before. I guess it doesn't hurt to tell everyone out there to keep your chin up, think positive-although it is very very hard, and keep praying, the answers will come.God really does love each and everyone of us, despite ourselves!!
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