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healthy pregancy following loss due to Trisomy 16 or Triploidy or other?

Among those of you now pregnant with a healthy baby - how many had previous loss due to Trisomy 16, or Triploidy?  In the past two years I've had three losses.  The first at 12 weeks we discovered no heart beat and it was never tested at the D&C because it was the first miscarriage and everyone said it is so common.  My second pregnancy was progressing great and we had many early ultrasounds.  At 14 weeks we had a questionable nucal transparency test followd by CVS which told us we had triploidy.  We were told to try again since triploidy is a fluke typically caused by two sperm and one egg.  We tried again after waiting the few cycles and the third pregnancy the heart stopped beating at 7 weeks - pathology testing revealed trisomy 16.  Again from my findings, trisomy 16 is common, but originates from the mother's egg.  My husband and I have both been karyotyped and our chromosomes come back normal.  We have had multiple genetic testing and I've had all the hormone, blood clotting disorder, etc testing done and everything is coming back normal.  I am trying to figure out if others have had similar experiences and then tried again and had a healthy baby.  So far my searching only comes up with people who had loss and I'm looking for success without the need for IVF.  OR if anyone went through IVF without all the major hormone injections?  I'm ovulating regularly and am fertile, but somehow keep having bad luck.  Does anyone else have any insight or good experience?
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A family member lost a baby due to trisomy 16 and went on to have 3 healthy children.  Good luck!
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My previous pregnancy ended due to anencephaly which is incompatable(sp) with life.  So far this pregnancy has been healthy.  All of my test came back normal.  I am currently 23 weeks, 24 on saturday and i feel great.  I hope this doesnt occure for you again.  It was very painful for me. And i can only imagine how this feels for you.

You will be in my thoughts and i hope you get a healthy pregnancy very soon.
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I am so sorry for all you and your husband have been through.  My last pregnancy ended as a result of trisomy 18 - confirmed by CVS.  I was told it was not due to my age of 37 but a random act of nature.  I got pregnant again before my cycle returned.  Normal CVS, clear Level II.  I am currently 28 weeks.
Sending you lots of love.
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