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heartburn maybe?

For the last few weeks I've been experiencing an achiness under my ribs, high up on the right side.
I don't think I've ever experienced heartburn or indigestion apart from a pain when food is going down, rather than any kind of reflux so I don't know what the sensation is like.
Last night it was SO severe I almost called the hospital, I felt like I had the same sensation as the ligament pains I've been experiencing on either side of my bump low down, but up high almost under my right breast. When it subsided I felt like when I lifted my top up my skin should be marked or red- like a bruised feeling.
Could this be a really bad case of indigestion/heartburn or do you think it's the way the baby's lying? I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow.
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Im not sure, but i have heard that the babies feet and elbows can go up in your ribs. Not really sure of anything other than that!
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Yes it's probably a foot!!   I remember my sister in-law complaining a lot about getting jabbed in the ribs by her son's foot!!  Heartburn would be more in the middle of your chest where your esophagus is, and much higher.
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If it was heartburn, boy would you know.  I get it all the time and now that I'm pregnant, I get it even more.  Most likely it's the baby's feet or elbows in your ribs.  Good luck.
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Ya, soooooo not heartburn. You would know...and your dinner would be backing up your throat, and burning it...hence the name 'heartburn'.  It is a foot, probably a little heal.  When it happens to me, I usually get up and move around, in hopes of slightly changing the baby's position.  Although, 29weeks is a bit early to have this problem.  I have a long torso, and this gets me around 35weeks.  
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your u/s pic is sooooo cute! is he/she sucking on their toes? is that a 3d one i take it?
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THANKS!!!  I think so too!! It is actually from a traditional 2D u/s that I had last week (the 20 week level 2 ultrasound).  I think their US machine is pretty good though.  I think she was sucking on her thumb but sometimes it is hard to tell what's what (it does look like maybe she is holding her foot or something!!)!!  It's funny because in our 13 week ultrasound she was sucking on her thumb then too (or at least it looked like it)!!  I was a big thumb sucker as a child so I guess she takes after her mama!!  Thanks again!!!  
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