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heavy periods

I cant take this anymore!!

Does any one know of something you can take to lighten the flow!
sounds crazy maybe but honest to God  since my tubal its been so heavy..Never like that before  I know some one said its like that then it eases off ,well its been 9 months ..
I know the pill regulates it but I didnt really want to go on the pill thats why i had my tubes tied, I am regular JUST HEAVY flowing, no real cramping ..Over night when i get up in the morning i have to run to the bathroom even with two pads on Im a flooding (SORRY to be so gross)
Is there a natural herb or anything you gals know of would LOVE to hear there is relief out there!!!!
If I  had my way it could stop any time--IM DONE WITH IT

Thanks girls
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Sorry, i don't have any ideas but you should check out you local health stores, they are usually pretty helpful.

Talking about af mines is definetly due any day, it's a bit early this month.It's either that or it's going to hold out for a few more days, mean while everyone else has to deal will the she devil:(
I bought a fertilty monitor on e-bay this last month but could'nt use it because i was already half way through my cycle, so i guess i will try it out when af decides to appear.
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if it's really that heavy and you've been having it for that long, i suggest you need to see a doctor.  take it seriously.  i'm not trying to scare you.  heavy bleeding is not normal unless something is wrong.  there goes my one penny.  

take care :)
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Here is a website I found that has herbs to take for it.  Check it out and let me know.  You may also want to mention it to the dr just to be on the safe side.  Good Luck

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First thing I have to thank you for is...showing me how to copy and paste the sites!!..lol..Can you believe i sat there all this time and tried to type all those letters and numbers when I tried to see baby pictures

I went to that site..It talked about your estrogen and hormones being out of whack and could produce a heavier menstration
Well i had just got news from my blood work yesterday that my thyroid is out of whack and need a larger dose so maybe thats the cause of it all...since thyroid controls metabolism

Im also the worst for forgetting to take the thyroid pill! usually forget at least once or twice in the week. The doctor is always giving me ****!

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i am with you . it is rediculous! i hate to get out of the bed in the morning because i flood everywhere! sorry tmi
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I take my thyroid pill the minute I get out of bed in the morning or else like you I would forget. I keep them on top of my fridge, that way when I go to get my son a drink and his breakfast I see the bottle and remember...you might try buying one of the 7 day pill things, fill it once a week, that way you'll know if you've taken your pill for that day, if your not sure. It works for me..hope it helps you
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