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hey ladies...ive finally had my little miracle

how are all you ladies on here? i havnt been on here for months.. i feel like a stranger!!!
this place is what kept me from going mad when i was ttc..

well i had my little girl on the 14th july.... emergency c section......i couldnt believe i had to have c section.....hassle getting a baby in there in the first place and then hassle getting it out...lol

well she is beautiful and a healthy 8lb 13oz...

cant wait to hear how your all doing
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Congrats, what is her name?  And where are the pics?  Her cyber aunties want to ooh and aah over her.

I'm 37 weeks now, baby girl is healthy, can hardly wait until she gets here.
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Congrats on your little one!
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Congrats!  How sweet!  I remember you from months ago.  I have just come back as well, after getting pregnant again after my m/c in January.  I am currently 6 weeks.  

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