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just want to know if anyone smoked before there pregnancy and during. i am pregnant i smoked before my pregnancy i stoped when i found out but i am finding it very hard and stress ful i soke to friends who have children and they said i they smoked a gigarette now and then during pregnancy and everything was fine can i have soem helpfull advice thank you
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I know persianlly I would NOT smoke while pregnant.  but its all personal choice.  I know a couple people who have and for the one the babies came out ok, and for the other one....the baby only weighed like 5lbs.  So it tell you right on the side that it can cause low birth weight and blah blah blah. So I guess its all in what you want to do.  i would say one every now and again wouldnt hurt but I wouldnt do it.  I quite smoking before I got pregnant the first time.  best thing I could have ever done, I feel so much better now.
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I smoked before I was pg and quit when I found out...after my pac was empty + 1 hit off a joint and who knows what I did before I found out(I was 16). My baby had cycts on her brain in utero which resolved by 7mo. I can't say if that was the cause, and she is fine, but if she hadn't been!?!?!
       Cavings were awful!!!!!! But the best thing you can do is quit because you never know if your baby is going to be the one who cannot handle it. They come out small and have higher risk of RSV because the nicotine and chemicals go through the placenta replaceing some of the oxygen and nutrients. There is so much information online and new effects are always being discovered. Knowing seems to be great ambition for me to do what is best so search search search online and weigh the risks.

AS if thats not hard enough, avoid being around second hand smoke too, we've all heard that it's worse. I have a Kools add posted on my fridge that has a guy smoking and says "Be originl" At the top is the warning:
>>SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Smoking by pregnant woman may result in fetal injury, Premature birth, And Low birth weight<<
   I thought it looked more like a protest than an add. Doesn't make me wanna smoke, I never did like menthals though.

Here is a quick list I found online, there is more info though, search until your satified.

*spontaneous abortions
*ectopic pregnancies
*other birth and delivery problems
*fetal brain damage  
*growth retardation/low birth weight
*lower or higher than normal infant blood pressure  
*problems requiring neonatal intensive care
*infant death from perinatal disorders
*sudden infant death syndrome
*mental retardation
*respiratory disorders during childhood
*Attention Deficit Disorder
*other learning and developmental problems
*behavioral problems, violence, and criminality
*smoking during adolescence
*various adult health problems
*cancer-causing agents in infants
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My mom is a nurse and she told me when a baby is born to a smoking mommy the whole room reeks!
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I know how hard it is to quit a craving or habit when you become pregnant. I am full Irish and have always loved a good drink every night. I even got very drunk the night before I found out I was pregnant and scared me half to death thinking that I had harmed my baby in any way. If I can stop of all people and I am sure everyone has heard of the Irish drinking, then so can you if you decide to. I always think of women that smoke and consider that the baby is floating around in the fluid constantly filled with smoke and in that environment for 9 months. How can the baby breathe because what you take in, so does the baby. I even heard that if you eat something sweet or sour, the baby can taste it in the fluid, now consider smoke. I am not here to judge but to make aware what you take in, so does your little one. Believe me, after I have this baby, I am going to get me a pint of wiskey but not now.
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