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how come lmp date and ultrasound dates are so far off?

Last menstral Aug.23,2015 and show to be 11 w 4 d and ultrasound shows less than 5 weeks?
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My hcg levels and fetel measurements say less than 5 weeks?
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Did your doctor discuss the possibility that you've had a blighted ovum (early miscarriage)?  If you've known you were pregnant for more than a couple weeks,  it doesn't sound like you were just late ovulating and this is a viable pregnancy.  What tests are scheduled next?

Best wishes.  I had two blighted ova and 3 healthy babies - it's hard.
I did numerous hpt and all neg. on Nov. 5 was first + pt at Dr but was very faint +. on Nov 10 went to er because of lower back and hip pain thought it might be mc but Dr said that I was less than 5 weeks and hcg and ultrasound results confirmed same results? how could I be less if lmp date says 11 weeks? I have Dr appt on Thursday with my ob to see what she says wish me luck
more hcg test? three days
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If you never got a positive until after Nov. 5,  it seems more hopeful you just aren't very far along.  If you had gotten strong positives at the end of September this would be much more concerning.

You may have skipped a period and are just now 5 weeks pregnant.  LMP dating of a pregnancy is often very inaccurate for just that reason - and if you don't have a + pregnancy test matching the LMP you really can't trust the LMP.  

I think you'll be able to know a lot more next Thursday.  Best wishes.
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