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how many times and when should u have sex?

hey i was just wondering i hear people tell me they have sex everyday for 1 month some even twice a day for 1 month..i want to know when and for how long should u have sex if ur ttc? just curios..me and dh have sex every other day does that mean i wont get preg?
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Some doctors say every other day is perfect because it doesn't lower the sperm count.  If possible, and you both don't mind, if you have your AF try to do it during that too to see perhaps if that works.
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1st month tried it day before and day of ovulation-failed.

2nd month tried it the second day before ovulation and day of-failed.

3rd month tried it both 1st and 2nd day before and day of ovulation-failed

4th month tried it starting 1 week before ovulation, every other day, including day of ovulation and day after - success =0)
This last time, missionary, orgasmed with husband and risked uti by holding in sperm all night (no peeing),little moving,praying, desperate to get pregnant!

charted on fertilityfriend.com using bbt, cm, (and opk only when cm started to look fertile b/c they are expensive tests).  This gave me a good idea when my ovulation usually occurs after menses.
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I did it every day for a month - almost always at night and (TMI SORRY) from behind.  It worked on the first month.  Before that all we did was the "pull out" and I never got pregnant so that (for me) works too.  I think if you are on BC it may take longer for it to get out of your system.
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I purchased an OPK- skeptical of it working.  I took the test once a day at the same time in the morning- finally when I had the two dark similar lines, DH and I had it at least once a day after that, and at least once in either missionary or from behind- and we were successful!  I don't know that it matters if you have it every day of the month, but rather when you are ovulating- that is your best chance!  
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dont waste your money on ovulation kits etc.. i did it for 4 years..hundreds of pounds on tests and kits..

one month i decided to give up after a miscarriage.. 4 months later i was preg again... that month i got pregnant with this one.. i was bding every night and in the mornings at weekends..

we had a lovely position for deep penetration to make sure everything went down there...lol

get on ure shoulders with ure legs in the end...lol

good luck

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