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how to handle my 3 yr old baby baoy

Iam having a small baby boy whose age is 2 yrs 9 months for today...Iam having lots of questions in handling him as he is the first and only kid for me...He is too smart and intelligent. Once if he see anything or listen anything he will never forget it..always he want to be engaged. I use to finish my work very soon and wants to be with him...but he will never let me allow to finish my work he use to do some naughty things like leeking water pipes from water filter or throwing things outside or anything to spoil....at that time I use to be irritated sometimes and use to shout at him and even somtimes use to slap(not so toughly)...even if i said him very pleasently no baby dont do like this also he wont listen...........he will not allow me to cook,sleep or eat also sometimes...always he wants somebody engaged with him.....if i use to learn him alphabets he wont say or listen A,B,C but he will say apple,boy,cat like that...he will never concentrate on learning numbers or colors or alphabets... but he use to tell things names,fruits names, animals names , car names n models, bike names n models like that......what to do to learn him playing alone with toys, learning alphabets like that.....how can I spend my time for my work and for my baby....and one more thing is he is not taking fruits and curd/yogurt. we have tried in so many methods to let him eat or even taste but he is not....he not even want to taste them....other things like eating habits,sleeping,dressing,cleaned up he is very much ok....please give me suggestions....Am i correct from myside also let me know....
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I think this is very normal for a smart boy of 2 years 9 months.  It is especially common for a child at that age to want your attention, and not to let you get your work done.  Mine either climbs on me or begins to toss things on the floor.  Slapping is never a good idea, since it teaches a child to hit, and besides he won't stop even if you do, so that is two reasons not just one to think of a different way to discipline him.  Try directing his attention to other things.  Is there nobody else who can play with him or distract him when you are working?   Is there no cupboard of pans or something else that he can get into while you are working that will make him feel as though he is getting to do something new but still does not destroy your house?  Is there no grandma or cousin or sibling who can play with him and tire him out?  A boy at that age is so active that he really needs a lot of exercise, and if you can't give him the exercise he will take out his energy on you in the house.  I sometimes have my husband take my son outside and just run him up and down, to try to get him (the son) more tired by bedtime and less likely to get into mischief in the house.  I would concentrate on giving him a healthy diet, but not on stressing one particular kind of food over another.  If he won't take fruits and curd/ yogurt, give him vegetables and another kind of protien such as maybe nuts.  Food struggles are not worth it, a child will like what he likes.  As long as he gets a healthy mix of foods, one kind of food is not better than another.
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My daughter was 3 in September.  She is VERY smart and was terrible at 2.  She is high energy, and needs to be entertained alot.  She is also an only child.  My husband takes a lot more responsibility for her now.  We have disciplined her a lot more than before too---being an only child you just don't know how to handle kids sometimes.  We make her be responsible for cleaning up her things etc, and we have her help us a lot with household things so that she learns responsibility and also that she can be a great helper.  I sit her down at the table with playdough and let her make a mess for an hour or two.  She will totally entertain herself and it is great when I am cooking cause she is sitting near mommy but keeping herself busy.  I am also lucky that I have a few relatives nearby who LOVE to take her on a daily outing once a month or so.  As far as diet.  I put food in a blender that she won't eat and "hide" it in rice or pasta and she doesn't know the difference.  At this age it is all about how can you outsmart them.  Good luck, you'll get through it I know firsthand how frustrating it can be.
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I too think he is being very normal... does he have time at the park or playing with some other kids his age?  Kids that age do not play by themselves for very long.. so he needs to get out of the house and play with some other boys and girls.. I know you are in a very different culture than ours but here sometimes you may have a friend or relative with children and one day a week she could take your boy with hers for some hours and then another day you could take her child or children with yours for some hours and they can play and you can get a break.  The food should not be a big problem kids get more picky as they get to the age he is..  my daughter only likes fried bananas for fruit and nothing else.. there are some recipes to get fruit into other foods and kind of trick them into eating them...  I will look and then post here.. I know your food is different than we have here (even though indian food is my favorite!!!)  Have you tried dried fruit.. like dried apples??  I don't think yogurt is super important.   As far as learning he will learn the colors and number and all of that as long as you use them in conversation with him.. like:  look at the two blue cars.. he does not need to repeat back to you.. the best thing you can do for him education wise is to read child books to him and talk about the pictures to him as you are pointing..  (I am a teacher)  it is normal for you to be frustrated at times but try not to hit him.. you can sit him on a chair for the number of minutes that his age is (right now it would be 3 minutes, when he is 4, four minutes) and tell him that he is going to sit here because he threw something or what ever but don't yell because that just gets the reaction out of him that he wants and will make him do things more.  But boys do need to run off their energy!  they are boys and need to be tired out so they need to play hard like at the park or running around chasing, with throwing or kicking balls... good luck try to talk to other mothers when you are feeling overwhelmed we all have been through it.. kids are not perfect and even even the best kids get naughty..
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here is a web site with ideas and recipies at the bottom for putting fruits into foods for fussy eaters.. good luck!!

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here is another web site that has some great ideas.. in fact  I may use some of them.. good luck

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When my 4 year old boy gets like that I set up a train for him to play with, that keeps his interest for a long time.  Also like decogrl said playdoh at a table will keep a child occupied for a long time.  Since he is so smart let him spend an hour on the computer doing www.starfall.com  My little boy learned how to read very well with this website.  Hope these ideas help.
Sometimes kids have food allergies that cause bad behavior.  We stopped my son from eating sugar on an empty stomach and no foods with red food coloring.  His behavior is so much better.  Also eating foods with lots of protein (like hamburgers) help calm children down.  
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thnq everyone for ur suggestions...sure I will try them....
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