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my brother is having farsightedness(hyperopia) as he is 8 years old. he is always in his laptop for playing games .. and also not eating any kind of vegetables..

now he his having +3.0  power and going to wear specs. can we remove the specs after curing? how long it will take him to be fully cured? what he should do to be allright?what kind of food shoul he take? pls advise me
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It is important to find the cause of hyperopia. In small children, it is usually hereditary or gene related. Other causes could be recurrent sinus infections, migraines, and injuries. This can be corrected with specs (glasses), contact lens, and by laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK. He can use computers, lap tops etc, but the placement of the screen from the eye should be correct. His posture should be correct while using them. There are many guides available for this. You can get one from his doctor. Usually the children are fine after surgery, or with use of glasses and lens. Take care!
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