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i dont know what to call this

What  im about to say sounds crazy but i just had my baby six days ago i love my daughter but my girlfriend i feel like is trying to take my place if i pick her up at anytime the people in this house tell on me because I picked her up or im holding her to long I get threating with getting put out every time I pick her up and I have nowhere to go once I do get put out of here so I take everything she says in and just cry everytime I can't bond with my baby the right way and im sad by that.
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Your mom. It's your baby. Your legal rights. As a mom you need to set boundaries for everyone who comes into contact with your child. No one but you or the law can dictate what you do with your child. Even if you got kicked out, there are others options then having to stay somewhere in what sounds like a domestic situation. That's also not healthy in anyway for your baby. Your baby should come first.  
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In what way is that a domestic violence situation what kind of domestic violence is it?
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First comment is right. You are the mother. Your baby needs to bond with you. It is not normal that a mother would ever be told that she is holding her new born too much. Usually the mother gets tired and has to ask someone else to hold the baby. Lots if women do baby wearing and never put their baby's down. You need to stand up for yourself. It is your baby. They maybe related but it is your baby. Bonding is good for the baby. As baby gets older they have less anxiety because they have someone to trust. Usually 2 parents. Not a whole lot of people passing the baby around.
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I was referring to the situation as a domestic situation because when someone else tells you what you can or can't do with your child, they are trying to control you. As a mom I'd be super defensive and let them know to back off. Also to be kicked out of your living situation because of your natural nurting mother instincts is ludacris. I don't mean any of this in disrespect, but to me the way you worded everything sounded like a controlling domestic situation.
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You shouldn't have to be worried about "people telling on you" for picking up your child. You shouldn't be worried about getting kicked out for picking up your child. My heart goes out to you. Good luck with your situation.
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