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i feel something behind dd's knee...

dd is 12 1/2 months and just like 2 days ago dh felt something behind her right knee.  i'm not sure how to explain it....  its like a knot kinda... or a lump...  fatty tissue maybe?  i have no idea!  it doesn't seem to cause her any pain.  there is also no mark on the skin like a bite or anything.  and there is no redness or swelling either.  i called the doc today and they told me to call back next week since it doesn't seem to be hurting her.  does anyone have any idea on what this could possibly be?
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I don't know if it is the same thing, but my husband has something like this.  They are fatty tumors (now, don't freak out at that word as in my husband's case they are harmless), limpomas, I believe they are called.  I don't know if that is the spelling however.  Anyway, he has them in various places on his body.  What the doctor told him was unless they started getting real hard and hurting him not to pay any attention to them.  At the point they do get hard and painful, they have a shot they shoot into the limpomas and they dissolve.  They are very irritating to him, as you can imagine.  They are freaky to feel, and I get worried occassionally, but it could be that.  I believe she said it can be heriditary, so check if maybe anyone in your family or her dad's has something like it.
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There can also be a cyst that is behind the knee, but I forget the name.  Of course, show it to the ped.  
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thanks guys!  i'll call them back on tues and make her an aptt for next week.
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My dd had soft lumps on the back of her neck. They were swollen lymph nodes and were completely harmless. My dd has atopic dermatitis, so her lymph nodes were simply doing what they were supossed to be doing. It sounds very much like what you are describing. I am sure she is fine, just get it checked out. good luck.
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I have a friend with a lump on his leg that was diagnosed as a calcium deposit. Not sure what that means exactly, but something you could check out.
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wow!  thank you for all the info...  i didn't know of all the possibilities that it could be.  i'll update on what we are told by our ped next week.
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Baker cyst
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just wanted to update everyone who responded to this...  the ped ordered an u/s to look at the lump to determine wether or not it was liquid or solid.  well....  thank God it turned out to be liquid!!!  he said it looks like what grammy64 said and is most likely a baker cyst and will probably go away on its own.  he said he will go over it w/ the orthopedist monday to double check the results, but he thinks that's what it is and for me not to worry!  yay!!!!  :)

thank you again for responding!
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