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immunization shots for or against?/OPEN FORUM if needed

I was just wondering what all you ladies think about immunizating your children? I keep up to date with it. But alot of women i know don't do it and they tell me not to do it. I guess i am just wondering what other women think and if they keep up to date with it... i would love some feedback... use this as an open forum if its needed
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I got my son all his shots.  i will continue to do it with all my children as well.  I think its a good idea.
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I believe they are definitely worth the risks. I make sure both my kids (3&1) are up to date. I couldn't imagine them getting something that could've been prevented.
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i got mine when i was a kid so i guess it's safe to still do it now i would do it do mine (when i get them)...i agree for it still be done
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You have to have all your immunizations before going to college so might as well get them while there young.  I didnt get a second part to an immunization when I was little and I had to get it before starting college.
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I am all for immunization shots for the baby.
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I keep my kids updated.   However I do know someone who's son has autism and the Dr's recommended he not receive most vaccines.  I can't remember why.
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My ds gets shots, he has done great but I know all babies are diff.
I didn't realize til I became pg how thankful I was that my parents had gotten me all my shots, bc when you are pg they ask if you've had em or not & w/ alot of the shots you can have less concern w/ your pg since you are caught up. SO I think all moms w/ baby girls need to know this :)

I realize I have not had a bad exper. w/ imm shots so I'm sure if I would have I would think diff.
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I couldn't imagine not getting them for my children. I realize there can be some risks involved. But I am all for them
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I've been on the fence on this issue, and plan to do a lot of research before I make up my mind.  Here is a website with some info:


Also check out this link for info on toxins we come into contact with all the time (scary stuff): http://curezone.com/diseases/toxins/

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hey harley girlie...:)::))) haven't seen you all day where are you hiding??....how's it going hon??? everythings cool???
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I am around, not been posting as much. I needed a break from it. :) I am good and Quinn is excellent. We go on Sunday for my 24 week OB appt. My doctors office has Sunday appts so Daddy does not have to miss work. Thought that was pretty cool.
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Wow, That is great they have weekend appointments! Must be one out of 10 that actually do that!
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