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increase breast milk

I want to breast feed my 2 month daughter but no milk comes out can i have ideas to increase my milk supply
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Oatmeal is great for helping milk production.. I also use mothers milk tea in the morning and at night, and make sure you consume a lot of calories too..  Massage your breasts in the shower, the warmth helps..  And its going to sound odd, I know it did for me, but a beer..  Something about the yeast, I don't know, I thought my sister was crazy when she told me, but it really helped..  Just keep at it, the more she ***** to get it out, the more you will produce.  
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I have no idea why they starred out *****..  But yes the more she s u c k s the more milk you will produce.  
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I'm currently breastfeeding,Drink lots of water and let her suck, the more she suck the more you'll produce.
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I want producing enough and they had me try fenugreek 3 times a day.it didn't work for me but they prescribed me reglan and that has worked a lot.but if you aren't producing anything then it wont work.
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If no milk is coming out from your breasts at all, then you will not be able to start making the milk to come to feed your baby by breast.

If there is a small amount of milk that comes from your breasts, you can encourage more milk to come by the baby suckling on the breasts more, and you can also encourage more milk to be produced by massaging and gently squeezing your breasts to encourage the milk to come through your nipples.  

You can also purchase a breast pump that will help to get milk out from the breast, but only if there is already milk in there.

You must eat  healthy and well balanced meals and also drink lots of fluids, milk and other dairy.  If your diet is poor and you do not drink enough, that can stop the milk.  Once the milk stops, you will not be able to get the breasts to produce milk again until you have another baby.

Sometimes a baby may come out in a body rash.  When this happens the baby may be allergic to lactose in the milk.  Do not forget that what you eat and drink as a breast feeding mother, also gets through to your baby.  
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Check out the link below that gives excellent advice and tips with regard to breast milk production and breast feeding.


My daughter-in-law has breastfed all her babies (she has 5 children).  But the last child who is 1.5 years of age got a dreadful rash and severe diarrhea soon after being breast fed.  The midwife advised my daughter-in-law to avoid all dairy produce and food containing lactose.  The baby is lactose intolerant.  Lactose is milk sugar.  This is one example how what a mother eats or drinks does get transmitted through the breast milk into the baby.  Same goes for alcohol and drugs.

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