i gave birth dec. 15th, and was pressured by the hospital into receiving a depo-provera shot before leaving on the 18th. i was very unhappy about this, considering i never put any medication into my body w/o reading about it first, but felt as if i had no choice.

after reading about this horrible shot, i've learned that it should not be administered until 6 weeks after giving birth, due to the high levels contained in breast milk the first few weeks. i have been exclusively breastfeeding this entire time, and i'm EXTREMELY PISSED AND EXTREMELY WORRIED.

i feel that the hospital has been irresponsible in their administering this w/o following the directions given by pfizer (the makers of the shot).

has anyone else had this shot while breastfeeding before 6 weeks post partum?

i'm most definitely not going to follow up w/ the second shot... i gained 60lbs while pregnant and i was really hoping to lose it all... now i feel totally screwed thanks to this stupid shot and the irresponsible moron doctors who pressured me into receiving it.

i'm so worried about my baby... should i stop breastfeeding?

plus, i've battled severe depression my entire life, and it says in the drug info not to take if you've suffered such...

now i know why i can't stop crying...

and this worrying is just making it worse!
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this shot is so horrible.... horribleeee.... i am on my 3rd injection and whew it *****!!
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I gave birth to my baby on december 15th ,2010 and I was also forced to take this shot on the third day after giving birth. I researched about possible side effects but I can;t find any good answer. I stumbled upon this site and found out you stating exactly what I am going through right now. Moreover, it says not to give this shot if you had gestational diabetes and I had it while I was pregnant. I am just worried about my baby girl's health. Is your baby fine? I have also been exclusively breastfeeding now for over 8 weeks. Did you file a complaint?
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First, contat the patient rep at the hospital and file a complaint.  If you have the docs names you can also file a complaint with the medical board in your state for each individual.  

Next I would go to an unbiased doc that doesn't know your situation and ask him/her about it.  Have you found any info on the net about possible side effects in the baby from breastfeeding?  
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