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irregular period

i have had an irregular period for over a year and it ranges from 3 days of spotting three heavy days and 3 light days to 12 days of that. last month we started trying to get pregnant and im totally confused about my ovulation days , and wether im now pregnant or not??? my period was due the 21st and i spotted on the 23rd and 24th but no period yet and my preg test was -ve on the 22nd... am i pregnant? and what should i do to know my ovulation days?
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Ovulation signs and symptoms are often subtle. However, the most obvious and reliable predictor of ovulation is an increase in cervical mucus, which results in a clear discharge that has the appearance of raw egg whites. This increase in cervical mucus occurs right before ovulation.

At the time of ovulation, some women may also experience:

Mild abdominal cramps (mittelschmerz)
Breast tenderness
Increased sex drive
There are other signs and symptoms of ovulation, but these are less obvious, including:

Changes in basal body temperature. Ovulation may cause a slight increase in temperature. You will be most fertile during the two to three days before your temperature rises.
Hormone surge. Over-the-counter ovulation kits test your urine for a surge in hormones that occurs before ovulation.
Changes in the position and firmness of the cervix. An increase in estrogen right before ovulation causes your cervix to rise and soften.
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