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is my baby to big?

my baby is 7 and a half months and weighs about eighteen pounds is that alot, he is a little chubby no more chubbier than babies i've seen. people keep telling me he is way to big for his age. what do you think?
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my 6 month old weighs 17 pounds, and shes a girl (boys are usually heavier then girls) so it doesnt sound that big to me, shes not chubby either, just tall, and dont let people tell you that he is way too big, my dd is as big as she is from strictly breastfeeding....so shes the size god made her and healthy as can be

but your son is probably on the higher end of the growth charts, but those are just guidlines and by no means mean somethings wrong, trust me ive thought my dd was too big, but now i think shes just fine, kids sizes are so different, as are adults, so dont be worried im sure he is perfect
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No way, that's not too big.  My cousin's son was 19 lbs at 4 months!!  My son was 17 lb 9 oz at his 6 month checkup.  At 27 1/4 inches, he was in the 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight.  Thennn at about 9 1/2 months he was only 19 lbs 10 ounces and 27 3/4 inches ( he had only grown 1/2 an inch).  He is now in the 25th percentile.  I think he's going throught another growth spurt though because he starting to eat a lott more.  I think your baby is just fine!  :)  I've seriously met a TON of people who have way bigger babies than mine!  :)
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Here is a baby growth calculator.  From this data,   your son is sightly underweight or average,  depending on his length.  

I'm kind of baffled that people think he's too big.

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aw thank you, he's perfectly healthy i was just asking because i always have people say suff like "wow he's big, what do you feed him, maybe you should feed him more healthier foods" and he gets breast milk and fruits and veggies.just thought i'd ask cause it feels like i'm doin something wrong cause people always comment on his size
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aww thank you i will take a look thanks much. yeah im baffled myself they make me feel like my baby is one of the babies you see on maury or something i will defo use that chart thanks :D
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Yikes, mine would have knocked their socks off! All of my boys had to move out of their carrier carseats because they hit 20lbs at 4 mos. And all they got was breastmilk ;-)
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mine got just breastmilk for the longest time i pump exclusivley every four hours and now my supply isn't s good but at least i'm still giving him breastmilk i dislike people who talk out of ignorance, i'm sure your boys asre pretty healthy huh? :D
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It's soo weird because some people would tell us our son was hugee, and then some would say he's a little peanut!!  Lol.  All that matters is they are healthy and the Dr.'s arent worried.  Chubby babies are sooo cute anyway!! :)
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Yeah, our pedi warned us all the time that folks would assume our children were delayed because they looked months older due to their size. Fortunately they were developmentally ahead of the curve as well.

I had to learn to bite my tongue often.

To help with your supply, pumping more often or nursing directly should really help. I nursed exclusively beyond the first year with all three. It is a lot of work and time devoted to nursing, but in the end was well worth it.
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my 9 yr old has always been big.  he is over 5ft tall, wears a size 6-7 mens shoe.  but when he talks he sounds like a 9 yr old.  people have always given me looks like there was something wrong with him when they heard him talk.  

and my little addy is a petit little gal, about 13 pounds at 5 months, wears 3-6 months clothes (caleb was probably in 12 by now lol). all babies are different and really some friends of mine whos boys were actually bigger than caleb at birth, are now much much smaller than him, some by half a foot!  

they are all perfect they way they are.
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thanks ladies i feel alot better now, i know i shouldn't let peoples comments get to me, he's healthy and that's all that matters. you'd think people would know or at least understand that everyones babies are different and grow at different rates oh well though thats just some people for you :D thanks AndiJ78 i will defo try those thanks  
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my son was 16 lbs at his 6 month appointment and that was only the 25th percentile.  Didnt the doctor discuss this with you?
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