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itchy scalp after childbirth

I just am putting this out there to see if anyone lese has experiance this.  Two months after I had my 2nd child I started to develope a very itchy scalp.  At first I thought that it was a dermatological issue but after several months of going to the dermatologist..and having no responce from topical or oral steroids they some what ruled that out..I have had a nuerological exam and that was normal...went for allergy testing and everythign seemed normal had normal thyroid testing.  All I can think off is that there may have been some nutrietional difiecencies after the baby that caused nerve irritation.  Has anyone else out there experianced this?  If so please write back!!!
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I think it may be due to hormonal changes.  I just got pregnant, and am going through the same thing...  I have very itchy scalp and dandruff...  I heard that the big shift in the hormone balance can cause this.  I hope you are fine by now!!
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My daughter is complaining of a itchy scalp after a hysterectomy.  Has anyone ever experienced this.  She itchys it even in her sleep.
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Hi mate, i had it 3 months after birth, as i had had a perm around that time, i blamed it on that.

i went to the doctor a 17 months after birth and he prescribed me some shampoo, i think it was called cortisol. (i know u should've gone earlier :s)     At that point i told him I was anemic during pregnancy and that i wanted a blood test to see if i still was, i had decided to stop taking medication for it because i was having horrible side effect.

I went to the docs to get my blood test results, my thyroid levels are quite high and i'm having to go for another test t look into the thyroid level further.

The doctor said it'd most likely the reason why i've had itchy scalp and sweating on my scalp when doing simple chores such as vaccuming.

Go to your doctors and explain your side effects.

Mine were tired, itchy scalp, dry skin, feeling low, hair thinning(although it just looks like "normal"hair now, it's naturally thick and wirey), no matter how much i see i always feel low and groggy, but can't sleep til i'm completely shattered.

Thyroidism happens to 1 in 20 women and often goes undetected, in most cases it return to normal after 18months of getting it, although 20% have it for the rest of there life.  It's called postpartum tyroiditis.

It really is worth looking into, it's a horrible thing to go through.  Get a blood test quickly as you can end up doing damage to your thyroid gland if untreated.

You can email me on katerinaarmani at hot ma il couk if you like.

Don't worry about your baby as they are given a prik test on the heel of their foot at birth to check for this.


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My scalp started to itch terribly about 7 months after I had my daughter. My daughter is almost 4 years old and the itch still has not gone away. In fact, it has gotten worse. It started right along my scalp line on the back of my neck, then it started to work it's way up. Now it is just completely the back of my head and the back of my ears. I have tried every shampoo treatment possible. The only thing that seems to work decent enough is Neutragena itchy scalp shampoo that has the coal tar in it. I have suffered with this for so long that any time it begins to itch now, it will scab over. I really wish someone knew why this was happening. Before I had my child my hair was a perfect as it could be. Now my scapl itches constantly! I know I've undergone major hormonal changes, and I'm assuming the reason the back of my scalp itches instead of the top is because I sweat more back there....& that's another thing in itself.....I sweat more now than I ever did before giving birth. I was active all the time, on danceteams, softball teams, and basketball teams, and I have NEVER sweat as much then or have my scalp itch like it does now. It's crazy to think that giving birth can change things like this in your body.
Also...did anyone else have what's called the PUPPS? I developed it my third trimster, and it was literally a living hell. Hives spread all over my body, mostly in my stretchmarks on my stomach, and it itched worse than the chickenpox! I've wondered if maybe my scalp condition had anything to do with this, but like I said, my scalp didn't start until about 7 months after I gave birth.
We need some medical research on this!!!!!
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I Also am having the same problem. my scalp has always itched as far back as I can remember, a year and a half ago I had my son and had PUPPS with him, after I had him my scalp started to itch more than I thought possible! I tried everything I could think of! Nothing works. Then I got pregnant again and 13 days ago I had my second child, a girl. My head did not itch during the pregnancy when I found this shampoo called Shakia or something like that. I thought it was because its low detergents and such...but a few days ago my head started itching like hell again!!!! I don't know what to do but I know my thyroid is probably to blame. I am going to ask my midwives tomorrow and see what they say. You can email me at ***@**** to keep in touch, if I find anything out I will let you all know!
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I also had PUPPS in the last trimester, dreadful!! I had to be induced because  I was informed that it would not resolve itself until I had delivered my son. Six months later and I am now suffering from an itchy scalp. I am using Neutrogena, T-gel but to no avail. It is annoying and I even scratch my scalp when I briefly wake in my sleep. Not sure what to do next but I think I will be visiting the doctor again at some point.
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first of all, thank you for putting this question up.
secondly I would like to say... I have a cure !!!
I had anaemia during the last few months of pregnancy and the scaple itchiness started soon after baby born. Initially, i thought it might be due to  the heat on the ward and i even suspecious i had got headlice... however, after reading this column, then realised it might due to hormonal.
I had been scratching so much that distrubed my sleep and i have got spots on the back of my neck... really worry about it.
I went to the dr and requested for blood test but no result yet. Thanks for suggesting thyroid test as the dr had no idea about this condition.
My husband suggested me to try mixing 1/3 tea tree essential oil + 2/3 almond olil as base. He used a syring to put the oil on my scalp as i have got very thick hair. and leave it for 30mins... then i used tea tree shampoo to wash my hair. It made me feel even more itchy after the wash but believe me or not... the itchiness gone by the next day !!!! and the spots on my neck also improved !!!
Worth to have a go !!
hope you all get well soon !!
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Oh my! Oh my! I m going through the same ,very itchy dry scalp,initially just after birth had sores fro too much scratching ,now it’s one year pp still experiencing it ,I eat healthily,been taking vitamins two months now ,I don’t know what to do as I’m still breastfeeding
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