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just curious

I didn't take my shot on the 7th and instead I immediatly switched to birth control pills... I have only taken two so far(I started last sun.) how long should I wait before having sex agian while on the pill, before it takes affect... what happens if I miss a pill and have sex?
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oh yeah what is folic acid exactly and where do I find it?
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It depends on when you started the pill. You should have recieved an insert with your pill pack that explanis when you can safely have unprotected sex.

Folic acid is a supplement that you can find on any vitamin aisle.
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My friend just went from the patch to the pill and her Dr said she had to use a back up method for 7 days. But according to http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/2965.html they say you are protected immediately.  "If a woman's previous method was injectable birth control, such as Depo Provera, she needs to begin using the COCs (estrogen and progestin combined oral contraceptive) or POPs (progestin-only pill)  when the next shot is scheduled in order to be continually protected from pregnancy."
Hope this helps

Folic Acid: I got all this from http://www.4woman.gov/faq/Easyread/folic-etr.htm

Folic acid (or folate) is a vitamin. Vitamins are found in foods and help make your body work right.When you are pregnant, folic acid can help keep your baby from having bad health problems. If you don't get enough folic acid, your baby may get these problems:

Spina bifida: your baby's spine doesn't form right.

Anencephaly: the baby doesn't have a brain or has only part of a brain and can't live.

You can keep these problems from happening. Take folic acid before you get pregnant and in the first 3 months while you're pregnant. You may think you don't need folic acid now if you don't plan to have a baby soon. It's still a good idea to take folic acid, so it's in your body if you do get pregnant. Plus, it could also help lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and some cancers.

You can take a folic acid pill, You can also eat foods that have folic acid in them:
orange juice
dried navy beans

Some foods have folic acid added to them:


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thank you... but I started three days ago and didn't get any notion of any of that information... and haven't used any type of back up methods ... I assumed the depo was still in my system I think I've done "it" twice now inbetween when my shot was off and I started taking the pills... could I get pregnant from that or did the depo lapse over for me?
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oh yeah and how do you get a blood test for pregnany? how much does it cost without insurance? and do they tell your family memebers without your permission?
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You should read the PATIENT PACKAGE INSERT that came with the pills.  It will answer your questions.  If not, call your doctor or pharmacist.

The package insert is specific to YOUR type of pills.  I personally would use a back up method of BC for the first 7 days if you have switched from the shot.  Can't hurt anything if you are extra careful.

The package insert also tells you what to do if you miss pills.  If you tossed the insert, your pharmacist can give you another for the asking.  Be responsible for the medications you take, and read what comes with them.
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