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kidney stones while pregnant!

I have kidney stones and will have to have a stint put in and changed every month. The Dr. said that I could have Kidney failure or contractions if I don't have the stint put in, but I've heard the stint is very painful, sometimes more painful than just having the kidney stone! He sent me home with phenegran and demerol, and said this would not hurt the baby. Does anyone have any experience/knowledge about kidney stones while pregnant?
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Any help would be much appreciated!
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Maybe you aren't getting any answers because nobody reading the forum today has ever had a kidney stone with pregnant.  I assume they cannot zap them laser treatment because you are pregnant?  If the option is kidney failure, it doesn't sound like you have a lot of choice.
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I had kidney stone will pregnant 24 years ago and they wait until I had my baby.  Actually I had my surgery when my son was 8 month old (yes they wait that long).  Never have any problem after the surgery.  When I got pregnant again had more urine infection but other that that have a nice pregnacy and this is 15 years ago.
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My daughter also has a kidney stone 5 to 6 mm stuck in her ureter, the gave her perkaset and a muscle relaxer she is in a great deal of pain.  This was posted a long time ago by you I was wondering if you could tell me the outcome of your situation?  we are desperately seeking some good news or some good advice. We dont want to have the surgery but its looking like that is our only option.  Please if you get this send me some advice
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