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leaking fluid???

Hey Ladies! Sorry to be posting so much here lately, this is my last week of work and I don't have a computer at home so I won't be able to get on here anymore. I am not due until Feb. 6th but I am tired of working and I hate the people I work for so I am leaving earlier than I should.
WEll Like I said I am not due until Feb 6th but have been measuring about 2 weeks ahead at my doctors appts. Well last night while I was sleeping I woke up to a whitish-clear liquid running down to my butt from my vagina (TMI- i know) I was laying on my back. I got up and checked my panties and it was a white clear color and left a wet spot about the size of a half dollar coin on my panties.
Could it just be that my dicharge was that heavy last night? It has never ran like that.
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I would call your doctor make sure it is not something serious.  :)
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I actually have an appointment today at 3:00 but I just don't know what that could be. I am scared they are gonna try to tell my that I wet my pants. haha
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I have to tell you that this happens to me ALL the time.  I know its SO gross and I hate it but, what can i do.  I could be fine and dry one minute then all of a sudden, it's like niagra falls.  And it's been like this since I first got pregnant.  You should definetly mention it to your Dr. but I wouldnt worry to much just yet as I've read as the pregnancy progresses, so will the discharge flow (GREAT!) Good luck and try to keep us posted. Sorry for tmi!
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They say that if it smells sweet, it's amniotic fluid and you should be worried.  If not sweet, just discharge and you're OK :)
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It's a really easy swab test to determine if it was amniotic fluid.  It's almost like pH paper that they swipe your cervix with and if it turns a certain color then it was amniotic fluid.  I'm glad you're already going to the doctor today. Goodluck!

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Since it was white in color and only left a half-dollar sized spot on your underwear, I'm sure it was just discharge.  The amount really starts to increase as you get closer to your due date.  

Just be sure to mention it to the doc since you're going today anyways.
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I would call your dr to be sure...but I did have this happen to me alot in the end.  But you do need to worry being this late in the game.

Get to the dr today if you can
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I would call the dr. and let them test to see if your fluid is leaking.  It can get too low if it continues to leak and put the baby in danger.
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they tested me for this at the last appt (i'm 26 wks) - unfortunately involves using a speculum but like another poster said, they'll just swab and then go test it while you're waiting.
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something similar happened to me i was just sitting on the couch and when i stood up it was like this big gush of fluid i am due on jan 28 and though maybe my water broke early so i rushed to the dr and it ended up being that the baby just pushed up against my bladder i was so embarrassed but my dr is so nice he was like don't even worry about i see it all the time it is very common. i've had it happen a few more times since i guess she just likes the spot she is in cuz it feels like she is always on my bladder lol
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