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mirena side affects

i had mine inserted in july 09 and didn't stop bleeding the whole first month, but at soon as my regular period came a month later..i haven't bled since, i have had cramps and maybe a spot or two....does that seem normal to anyone?
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That was normal for me and I have had two put in t different times between children. With my first one I bled for 3 weeks and then my regular period turned into light spotting and coming every 6 weeks. by the time I had it removed I didn't have a period any more. The current one I have in I had spotting every 6 weeks while I was breast feeding and then when I stoped feeding so did the spotting. I still have slight cramping and a little brown discharge every 6 weeks or so but it is only there when I wipe.

Some people find it not normal to not have a period and have theirs removed so that they do feel normal. I love it. If men don't have to bleed every month why should we.

If you think there is something wrong by all means go and get your doctor to check. Also here it is normal to go for a checkup after the firt 2 months to make sure it has settled in properly. Maybe you should be doing something like that. Good Luck I hope my story helps you.
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I actually have had mine for almost 4 years and my doctor was actually very informative and had me watch a video for more help.. They did however tell me I would cramp for a day or so.. I did and they gave me ibuprofen 800 worked great.. My periods are 4/5 days not so bad, I have one heavy day which is the second one... However now I'm noticing that I'll get really sharp pains once in a great while sometimes cramp without being on my period or a wk before I get it.. I don't remember the pain being at this level but other than that I think everything else is normal..
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