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I had the mirena iud put in about 6 wks after my daughter was born. Dr. did the regular check up and pregnancy test and the cna looked at it and said it was neg. Then right before the Dr. put it in another cna walked in and said it looked like a light positive line. The dr. said it was probably from my recent pregnancy since the hormones could still be pretty high. Well now I feel a little weird like if i am pregnant but the test i took was negative. Could I still be pregnant???
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Probably not.  If you are still worried, ask the doctor for a blood test.
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I just got my IUD placed exactly 3 months ago.  For the past month and a half, I've been having AWFUL pregnancy symptoms.  Everything you can imagine times 3!!  The breasts are sore & tender, cramps, lower back pain, bloated, nausea, so tired.  No weight gain, just losing 2 pounds a week since having it in.  I haven't had a period since getting the IUD, but I did off and on bleed/spotting for 5 weeks and they'll tell you its normal.  

What I don't understand, I've been charting my temps because I read that they pregnancy statistics for a Mirena IUD is NOT 1 out of 1000 anymore, its 8 out of 1000 and my luck, I'd get pregnant while I have it in.  

4 months ago I delivered my daughter.  While I was in labor, I could clearly hear the woman next to me in labor and pushing.  After I had my daughter, that girl was still screaming and pushing.  So after getting out of the shower, I got up to get water and walked down the hallway to see what was going on because this poor girl was in labor and pushing for HOURS.  I was in labor for 9 hours and she was obviously there longer then I was.  Her MOTHER and grandmother ended up stopping me in the hallway to see my daughter.  So I thought this would be a great time ask about they're daughter...
SHE HAD GOTTEN PREGNANT WITH THE MIRENA IUD!!  They left it in throughout her whole pregnancy.  A girl, right next door to where I was!?!  And here I am, having the stupid thing in me!!  

SO yes, you can get pregnant.  They even tell you that while reading the pamphlet.   But I've done so much research since having this in for 3 months and seems like everyone gets these symptoms.  Just keep a test on hand every month.  

I've took about 3-4 tests this past month because a couple came out with a very faint positive line.  The last one I took, didn't really have anything on it.  So I'm assuming it was negative.  But like I was saying up above, I've been charting my temps this past month and keeping track of my symptoms.  My temperature has gone up SO much, its really making me nervous.  My "period" is due on the 17th and my temps are still going up!?!  Not a good thing.  So I'm thinking I'm going to have to test again on  Friday.  

I see my OB doctor on the 30th of this month for my checked, and I'm letting him know EVERYTHING I'm feeling!  

My husband pulls out just to let you know.  I'm just nervous that the IUD isn't going to work, even though my doctor said we can have as much sex as we want.  I still don't trust the IUD!  

When did you have the IUD placed?  

So what I experienced was-
*Bleeding (on and off, heavy or spotting) for the first 5 weeks...they don't count as a period

After the bleeding stopped~
*weight lose
*sore, tender breasts
*lower back pain
*Extremely tired
*unable to sleep at night

I too posted a question on here about my IUD when I got it and started getting all these symptoms and not many people responded to it.  Or telling me you can experience all those symptoms while having it in....well I am, and I'm not the only one...then having a woman, right next door to my delivery room getting pregnant while having Mirena as well!!  

Good luck to you.  I'm more nervous on this thing then anything else!  We're supposed to be worry free...
I don't think so!!!!  
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