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I was six weeks pregnant then all of a sudden I miscarried two weeks ago. My doc told me to wait for a couple of months then try again.
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I miscarried in May. Apparently I lost it around 8 weeks but it is what is called a missed miscarriage and didn't pass on its own. I had a d&c at the 10th week. It was very well done with virtually no bleeding even on the same day. I also was told to wait a couple of months. Not only that, much to my husbands' dismay, I was put on pelvic rest for two weeks. We are kind of a twice a day couple, so needless to say the two week thing didn't work out for us. But, all was well. The D&C was done on May 16th and now it is Oct 30th and I am 6 weeks and 3 days into my next pregnancy.

AT 40 I am high risk and know that I could go the same route as the last time. I did have 2 gestational sacs and appeared to have 2 heartbeats last week but this week there is one heartbeat and one fetal pole while the other sac is empty. I am sad for the loss but greatful for the one still growing.

I want you to know that the grieveing doesn't have to last forever. I found some beautiful things about mourning a miscarriage by surfing the net. One was a hebrew ceremony called "Renew me like the moon" . I found it very helpful. I cried a lot. My husband even did too. My daughter was so great. She was sad but very supportive. There are miscarriage support groups available to you and you can locate them on-line. There is no disgrace in seeking such help. I gained 10 lbsw in two weeks by eating frozen  Little Debbie cakes for comfort. Chocolate and ice cream are where I buried my sorrows. Let me warn you against that. It has been difficult getting that 10lbs off. I did it by jumping on our trampoline alot.

The next time make sure you get your thyroid levels checked and ask them to give you prometrium suppositories. That is progesterone in a gel cap that you insert vaginally. They run around $200 or more for 30 days but that is probably only how long you will have to take them. Women have been getting good results with that. I am on it now myself. Write if you need to talk to someone. I am ***@**** and my name is Kristen. I am a doctors wife so I know all about those really long shifts your husband works.:-)
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