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dear medhelp, i misscarried may 24, after being in my 10th week of pregnacy, this is my first, i was sent in a day later for an internal sonogram, finding that it was a misscarrage and the only "thing" left was marterials, no fetus, though my hgc levals never dropped...and heavy bleeding and cramping continued, 3 wks later i was sent for a 2nd ultrasound where as the tec asked if i had ever been pregnant or had any type of surgurys, no to both, i was diagnossed with a cervical pregnacy, the following day i was sent to the drs office for stat labs, where i was examined and had some "materials" removed, while waiting for the labs i lost a large amount of blood, the lab work did not drop, so instead of treating this surgicaly i had a shot of methotrexate durring the first shot i became extremly sick, vomiting, bleeding,and passing out, buying a trip to the hostpital via ambulance, it dropped my blood pressure 40/20. i spent the night in the hospital and my hgc have finaly dropped with another lab draw due 6/30 hoping for my numbers to be back to "normal" so my major question is when do i stop bleeding???? it has tapord down and it is not blood like a "normal" period it is more "slimy" when will the madness stop?????
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just wanted to tell you how sorry i am for your loss. i've never gone through exactly what you've been through - looks like this has been a real painful rollercoaster for you, but i have m/c and can definitely feel your emotional pain. i hope the bleeding stops soon for you - did your dr. give you any idea about how long it'll take for bleeding to stop?
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Oh my I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through. It must have been an emotional rollercoaster to you.
I'm so sorry.
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I'm kind of surprised the methotrexate made you that sick. Did they get an accurate height and weight on you before you got the shot? I wonder if they gave you too much. I was given methotrexate for a tubal pregnancy, but I did not have much bleeding at all. I had a D&C before the shot, so maybe that's why. I'm sorry that you're going through this, and wish I had more answers for you. They will be checking your hcg levels weekly, right? Until they his 0?
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Sorry about your loss I also lost my baby in the 15th week on memorial day.  It took me about 2 weeks to stop the bleeding and yeah it is definately not like a normal cycle.  I know I experinced alot of clots even after having the "cleanout" process done.  I think it depends on your body and how far along you were from what I have read.  Because your body produced all the extra blood to support your child.
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i am in hopes my levals are dropping, i will have another draw tomorrow, as for the methotrexate, my height and weight i gave them, but the shot was devided into 2 separate shots, the first dose made me sick while i recieved the 2nd 1/2 of the dose in the er with no effects at all it did not even hurt as much as the first shot did, the firs one  was fairly painfull and concider myself to have a fairly high threshold for pain... thank you for your comments, the dr. says everytime i am in there that bleeding should last just a few weeks............i am tired.............
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Of COURSE you are tired, and every right to be!  Besides the emotional trauma, you are describing major physical trauma.  Has the doc checked you for anemia, and are you on iron supplementation?  Try that, even before your next appointment, if you are not.  I had a m/c at an early stage that has been giving me brownish gooey blood every now and then for three or four weeks now, so doubtless the blood you are experiencing is from that.  I sure hope things improve for you soon.  (((HUGS))) Annie
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