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missed abortion

Just found out that I have had a missed abortion at 10 weeks, when it stopped growing at 6 weeks. It is well was my first. I was so happy now I am devastaed. I have been told to repeat the scan in a week, then we can decide on medical or surgical termination. I cant stop crying because i wonder how could I have not known something was wrong? Does it get better?
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im so sorry for your loss i know how hard it is to lose a baby i had a missed miscarriage in feb this year i had no pain or cramping or anything to tell me something was wrong so i went for my 12 wk scan expecting everything to be fine i had even took my other 2 children with me to see ther brother or sister on the scan but i was told there was no heartbeat and that my baby had stopped developing somewhere between 5-7 wks i was devastated, my children kept asking why the baby died and i didnt have an answer to give them because i didnt know why it had died myself and i still dont know what caused my baby to stop developing it has took me a while to come to terms with it especially because my sister was pregnant at the same time and just before my due date my other sister announced she was pregnant to and although i was happy for them i felt like my heart was being ripped out it has got easier but i will never forget the baby i lost i think about it everyday , again i am so sorry for your loss. take care . lisa
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I am very sorry to hear this has happened to you.
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I'm so sorry for you.  I had one that we discovered at 11 weeks last June.  I was beginnning to spot and just felt wrong.  I took it for granted that everything was fine since I had already had a healthy baby.  I also had bled quite a bit in early pregnancy with my son, so wasn't too concerned at first.  They assured me that my cervix was closed tight and my uterus had already risen up out of my pelvis.  It wasn't until they turned on the u/s that we saw everything really wasn't okay.  It's hard, I didn't opt for the d&c because I knew I wanted to try again soon and didn't want to have to worry about healing from the scraping, plus I was passing an empty sac.  I think it's up to you, but I did see the empty sac, it was quite big when I passed it and very uncomfortable.  You should take time to let it sink in and go over your choices.  It does happen and doesn't mean that you will have any problems again.  I m/c end of June and got a positive mid July.  He's very healthy and just turned 6 months old today.  Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.
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