why does my  2 week old baby throw up alot every time he eat
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some babies just spit up a lot. It can be normal. It is concerning if the baby is not gaining well, or if the baby is in obvious pain or discomfort. Some babies with GERD do spit up a lot, but it's more than just vomiting. They will scream while they spit up because it burns. They would arch their backs or get very rigid in response to the pain. If you see any of the symptoms I described above, discuss the possibility of reflux with the ped.
Check with your pediatrician to make sure he is gaining properly. Also discuss whether or not you are burping him often enough or feeding him too much or too fast, as any of these can cause frequent spitting up. But it may also be a matter of maturity. A newborn's tummy is tiny, and close to the throat. The flap that keeps the food down may not be strong yet, and this just comes with time. Try feeding in a more upright position, and keeping the baby upright after the feeds for a while.
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my daughter was the same she was diagnoised at 8 weeks with a floppy lyrics
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You probably should ask this of his pediatrician,  Joshua.  You don't indicate if he is breastfed,  or bottle fed,  and if so, which formula.  

This needs to be addressed but without more information no one here can offer your real help.

What does your pediatrician say?
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