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my toodlers excesive thrist

I have a 2 1/2 year oldson, and for the past 2 months a have been seeing specialists for apparently some allergy to milk. But right now my consern is an excesive juice and water drinking. He asks me for liquid all the time and the doctors performed sugar test and they came out ok. Could it be related to the allergy or should I consider testing him again for sugar.
In March we went to emergency room for high fever and they performed several test , one was like a scanner of his insides and the lady made a comment about his kidneys were a lit a bit bigger than other kids his age, at that time see said it was just a comment and nothing to worry about. Today, a put everything togheter and I am worried.
What can you tell me.
Thank you
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I would worry a bit too but that may just be a natural reaction of a mother. I think I would ask them to recheck and tell them your concerns.
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ya i wouldnt worry too much either. my daughter seems to do that alot to and she is about 2 1/2. She barely ever drinks milk, but is ALWAYS thirsty! wants juice or water all the time! i have talked witha couple of co workers who have kids at this age also and they say their kids are the same way. Best of Luck!
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Did you ask his Dr about the size of his kidneys?  Seems like some kind of follow up should have been done?   Did he have other symptoms at that time?   They wouldn't normally scan his kidneys for a high fever.
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I suggest taking him to his pediatrician for a workup to be sure he doesn't have diabetes.  I know that sounds silly about a 2 1/2 year old, but if there is any possibility of it, you need to know.  In the meantime, I would give him water but not juices, or at least not sweet juices.  V8 and tomato juice would be OK.
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Do all the other things everyone suggested, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Does he have a sippy cup still?? My son drinks 5 9oz sippy cups a day (3 1/2), because of a medical condition we heve to give him as much as he will drink but I have found that he often uses his sippy cup as a comforter. He drinks loads, you would not beleive how much he pees!!!
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Nata,  is he almost always drinking juice,  and not so much water?  Or is it kind of just any liquid is fine?

Some kids who have mild sensory problems prefer to drink their calories rather than eat them,  it's easier.  Was he drinking excessive milk before,  and now he's drinking excessive juice?

Does he seem to have textural issues with foods?

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When you say he is thirsty all the time, how many ounces a day are you talking about? There are other disorders besides diabetes that can cause excessive thirst. How much does he pee/ how many very wet diapers a day? Does he pee through his diaper at night?
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yes that is what my sister inlaw says about her 3 year old 9 (my nephew)
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I always get low sugar juices and specially the V8's, and also y mix half and half with water. Most of the times he won't take just water, which makes me think if he was realllyyyyyy thristy he would take anything.
I also was thinking it could be the medications, over the past two most he is gone through different ones and this week the Dr. stop all medications for the allegies and it has calmed down a bit.
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I am defenetly doing that this week.
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About 12  8oz bottles
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I think it may be part of it.
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That seems like an awful lot. Thats 3 quarts. Most adults are supposed to drink 2 quarts a day. If he was taking something like a decongestant, that could cause a lot of thirst. If the thirst continues, I would suggest having him tested for "Diabetes Insipidus". This is not actually a form of sugar diabetes. It just has diabetes in its name because the symptoms resemble diabetes. Here is a link.

In any case, if he says he is thirsty, then let him drink as much water or milk as he wants. Definately keep watering down his juice. Put in as little juice as he'll let you get away with. Count how many wet diapers he has per day, note the size, and just how wet they are. Keep this information for his Dr. Diabetes Insipidus is diagnoses by urine tests, MRI, and a water deprivation test (under controlled circumstances).
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I did a little research and found that Diabetes Insipidus can cause enlarged kidneys too. I'm not trying to worry you, but I'd at least have him tested if the thirst persists. It is very treatable.

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