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need advice

im 39 and want another baby i started to bleed on the 9th of march at 8:30pm and bleed all the 10th and then it stopped on the morning of the 11th could i be pregnant or am i getting to old please help if you can im confussed
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im also 39 and am TTC,i dont feel too old to have another baby.are your periods usually like clockwork? or are they irregular? maybe you should try vitex to help regulate you
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only been irregular last few periods but been between 20 and 28 days no longer or shorter and been atleast 4 t0 5 days long
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hi there to answer your post im really not sure wats going on with me either i been on here all night waiting on a reply form someone i just turned 41 i did have my tubes clamped 16 years ago and now my period i bled for 2 hours and that was it and that was weeks ago and i got breast milk so im scared to death worrying wat is wrong is it menopause or did my tubes come inloose but to say this i had the same syptoms u had when my tubes were not tied and i was pregnant i came on with all my children for a lil bit and i made a mistake on my posts i put up to all the ladies my tubes were clamped 16 years ago not 20 i done had so many kids i forgot when the last one was born lol

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