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need answers

hi ladies, i first want to say that i miss you all, but i am back to school and i am enrolled with 16 credit so i am so busy.

my question is do you feel that your lower part of tummy is sore early in pregnancy, we are ttc, and i am not sure about my cycle lenght, if i was 30 days long, i was suppose to start yesterday, but if it is more i am suppose to start any day. i was using opk and had BD before and on and after O. my cycle is not stable since i delivered my baby, it varies between a monthand 39/40 days? i am just feeling that my lower tummy(i don't know if we call it abdomen= on the hair line and above) is sore? is that means anything to you?
i will test next thursday, if it did not show up.
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i didnt notice anything like that in my stomach this time round, but i had the "usual" af/pregnancy type symptoms, sore breasts, extreme tiredness etc...but i did have a significant increase in discharge and that is what confirmed i was pregnant for me despite the repeated bfn's until i was one week late, i did a clearblue digital test one week after af was due and got my bfp after 2 minutes, i am 21 weeks now. try waiting as long as poss for af to not arrive, and (hard i know) not thinking about it as you dont want to trick your body into thinking you are.

good luck!

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Sorry about those comments on myspace. Someone hacked in and got my password and sent that stuff to a bunch of my friends. I deleted as many as i can and changed my password. It happens to people pretty often on myspace. I'm sorry you were so offended but i didn't do it!!!!
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Good luck lots of baby dust!
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If the test is negative, it might be residual soreness from the c-section.  It took my lower stomach at least 6 months to stop being sore from my c-section, and it was in new places not the same spot all the time.
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i don't know if you opened the link but it was so discusting, we can't see something like that(naked ...) (in islam) and i was fasting and that is absoluetly illegal if we can say that in my religion. i am sorry for me offended you but i was very mad. sorry :(
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hey, i was wondering if af ever came. i responded to your opk questions and have been waiting to see the turn out. that soreness your mentioning has been something a friend of mine that is 3 weeks behind me(im 16w3d) started asking if i had been experiencing as well. some days i have soreness.  i dont remember that symptom drawing attention to me at the beginning, but i do notice it now from time to time. my main sign that early on was discharge, and frequent trips to the bathroom. im so anxious for you to test. i really hope you get that bfp. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

oh and good luck on your fasting, i told my boss who is doing the same, that i want to do it along with him next year. its not my religion but ive been interested in doing it for some time now. i wasnt sure if it was safe for me since im 4months preggo, but i do look forward to it.
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