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negative home pregnancy test

I took a home pregnancy test this morning and it came out negaative, but its been 16 days since my IUI, I just had a blood test this morning and am awaiting results, don't want to get too overly excited, but is there a possibility that the HPT was a false negative?
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i am so sorry for your BFN....i am awaiting AF to start myself:(

i hate this time of month.....it seems to be all about the waiting. waiting to "o" then waiting to test. i hope next month you get a BFP!!!!!

sending baby dust, chocolate, and many hugs your way.....kimmie
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thank you so much, the chocolate and baby dust sound great, add some cheese and red wine and I would be in heaven. Thank you so much to everyone who replied to me. I haven't talked to anyone really about this except my husband and my mom and dad. Because when I tried to open up to others I got not so positive responses, I know that I am still young 28, but I want a big family so! Regardless is so nice to have somewhere to go to just "vent" out what is going on with me. Kimmie best of luck to you and I am hoping for better luck next month! :o)
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ty so much erika....and i will definately add the red wine and cheese....those are my favorites:)

definately going to strive for a may baby....if i concieve this month....then edd will be on DH birthday. and DS is a may baby too....and my dad..LOL! so may looks lucky....so i am sharing all  the luck with all of you, there is plenty to go around!!!

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Blood work is the most accurate
But with all my hpt they were right on the money!!  SORRY
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try to hang in there, it will happen! DH and I tried for about a year on our own and then went through 3 rounds of clomid w/IUI and 2 rounds of injections w/IUI, got pregnant on the 2nd round.  Unfortunately, it ended in m/c in June.  I am a believer that everything happens for a reason and that it just wasn't the right time.  It still hurts though. I am anxious to TTC again and hopefully it'll happen quick.  You do have to hang in there because there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Good Luck!
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It is a fairly common occurance to have a Neg HPT when you are in fact pregnant. It happened to me with my first (now 3) and my current pregnancy. If you take them too soon, you will get a HPT.

The HPT are not as sensitive as the blood tests from the Dr, so hold out hope!!  Keep us posted!!
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thanks for your reply, just got the call from the nurse, blood test came out negative as well, only positive thing from all this is I get to go off all the hormomes which will hopefully reduce some of the bloatedness, this was my second time around with IUI. Guess its someones way of telling my husband and I that now is not yet the right time. Life has a funny way of working out the way that it should, just looking forward to a nice glass of wine to try to relax this evening. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe next time it will work.
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Sorry for the disappointing news, but it seems to me like you have the right attitude. It took my hubby and I 4 months to conceive our first child and this time it took a year. Month after month of getting negative tests and disappointing periods, it happened. I too, tried to look on it like it wasn't quite the right time and it wasn't.

Good luck to you! Hopefully next month will bring better results!
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hopefully... we have been trying for a year and with medicine and doctors assistance for the last three months, I am keeping my chin up, just wish that money grew on trees, infertility treatment is expensive and that is what gets frustrating when it doesn't work, but again it will happen when its supposed to happen, thanks again for the encouragement
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My name is Holly. I am 20 years old. I am planning on going off the pill (i have been on it for 3 years now) in November. I hope to get pregnant right away so I can give the news to my in-laws and my parents as an xmas gift. Do people usually have problems conceiving the first few months they go off the pill? How does it work? I also want to lose weight before I have a baby. As it is I am not comfortable in my skin. If anyone has suggestions or would like to chat, please email me at butterfly_baybee2005***@**** I will respond to everyone!
Also, will you only conceive on certain days of the month? I can use as much information as I can
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