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"new" sids risk

I know this has come up several times and even my doctor told me it was fine, but read in this months issue of baby magazine that it is NOT fine to let a baby sleep in any sort of sitting up position ie a carseat, carrier, bouncy chair...  They should be laying flat on their backs.  It said that the weight of their head can make it fall a bit over and cut of airways.  Just thought I'd share.  
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omg that is scary...what about if they fall asleep in the car?  hmmmm
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I recently read a statistic that said for every 87 formula fed babies that die from SIDS only 3 breastfed babies die from SIDS.

Interesting... but I am not sure it could be true or you would think the campaign would be "Breastfeed your baby to sleep" instead of "Back to sleep".

I will have to do some research on that...

SIDS is such a scary thing. I had one of those angel care monitors because I was so paranoid. It helped me sleep a little better, but I still worried.
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We have bought two angel care monitors for our twins.....
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I have always wondered that.  When Ethan was really small I would pull over while driving to reposition his head if I saw it tilt.  I still worry and try to lift it back.  It just looks dangerous when they sleep that way so I wouldnt be suprised if a few babies have died because of it.  Add it to the never ending list of things not to do...
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Most hospitals do car seat tests on newborns who might be at risk for this...preterm or near term babies, babies with any sort of problem, etc.

Our hospital does car seat tests on all newborns.

The test involves sitting them in your car seat for 1/2 hour with an oxygen sensor on, to help detect if their blood oxygenation changes while in the seat.
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I had a friend in grade school who's baby brother died while in the car seat.  That was over thirty years ago, and I don't know what car seats were like then.  Also, since I was so young, I don't recall if there were any other concerns with the baby's health.  I think I was overly paranoid when my dd was newborn b/c of this story, though.  I wouldn't let her sleep in the swing for very long and constantly had to check on her while in the car.  My husband probably thought I was nuts.  
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