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newborn and traveling

I have a newborn who I would like to travel home with for Christmas. He will be exactly 4 weeks on our travel day. Do u think its okay? It's 6 hours and besides the stops to feed him (in which we would stay in the truck) we plan on staying at my grandparents house and not taking him in public.
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I think it is absolutely fine.  Newborns are not as fragile as they seem.  I brought my son home from the hospital at 5 days old (he had a short NICU stay) and we stopped off for coffee on the way.  He was out with us the very next day.

Practice good hygiene and obviously if someone is sick, you don't want him around them.  But take him, show him off and enjoy.  It's not a bad thing for babies to be exposed to others and their germs - it helps build those immune systems.
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The travel part wouldn't bother me.  All the handling of the baby by family who will want to hold him and goochie goo over him, that is a problem.  I was discouraged by my pediatrician from taking my son out to big gatherings very early, not because the travelling itself was stressful (he didn't care) but because of what was waiting for the baby at the end of the line.  It was winter, like now, and people had flu and colds, and all of that.  I'd think over the exposure in that way.
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Thank u for ur opinions. My husband is pretty uncomfortable but he was one of two kids. I had 9 siblings so I'm a little more comfortable with a newborn. I won't be seeing the whole crew.. just my 2 oldest siblings, my parents, 2 cousins, and my grandparents. I'm definitely ready to show him off.. my argument to my husband is that we too go out to eat and to Walmart with him. The traveling scared us. :)

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