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none stop bleeding, after Depo Shot

I have taking Depo shot about a month ago, and since I
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after i had my daughter 4 yrs ago i went on the depo shot about a month after she was born, all i did was bleed. i had side effects from the shot and i could not be on it. because of bleeding and cramping real bad. the only thing that i can tell you is i would not recommend staying on it. once your months are up on the shot go on a different birth control method. it sounds like what i went threw and yes it messes with everything in your life.. bleeding 24/7 tell me is that what sounds like fun. NO. i went on Yaz the pill and it worked out great for me. and i stopped takeing it to have a child and it took 4 months.. good luck hope your worrys and gone soon.
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I am so sorry that you werent warned.  If you read the booklet they give you it says that bleeding nonstop can be a side effect.  after i had my shot i bled for 6 months strait... i hope this doesnt happen to you.  But i would suggest you get off the shot and use something else. Bleeding every day for so long was a pain in the rear! i wouldnt recommend the shot to my worst enemy.  
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I was taking the shot for six months. I took my last shot in November. I started bleeding in Janurary which i thought was going to be a normal period but i havent stopped since and it's freaken june, i think the shot is a totally bad idea.
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i got my shot about 4 weeks ago.... and ive been bleeding for 2 weeks....   now its shower sex.... but we are so busy, and we have a roommate,.. its a BAD combo... i dont know what to do....I'm very moody and dont feel like myself.  I fight fire in the summer, and instead of carrying my pills in my pack, i thought the shot would be a good idea.
   mmmm.. i cant go on the ring, because it has to be refridgerated, I dont know...  any advice?
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i  been on the shot for a month and still been bleeding on and off is it just best for me to get off and get on the pill.....i truly believe depo is not for everyone...dat *****...
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I had the shot about 16 years ago after my oldest daughter was born, and all I did was bleed straight for 4 months.  It got to the point that the new OB I had couldn't tell me why and he had a suspicion that my previous doctor screwed up something or I miscarried and was never properly tested.  
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