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'normal' cycle after early miscarriage

This is my first posting, although I have been doing a lot of reading, and you are all a HUGE source of support!

I finally conceived after 8 months on clomid, however it resulted in an early miscarriage (5 1/2 weeks).  The only time I have a "normal" cycle (29 days) is when on clomid.  My doctor wants me to have a period on my own before resuming clomid.  I was wondering, has anyone has had a normal cycle on their own after miscarriage, when previously dependent on medication?  If I don't get my period after 30 days, they want me to take a medication called Provera.  Anyone familiar with this med?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi!! I almost always have to take Provera/Medroxyprogesterone in pill form. I believe you can take one twice daily for 5 days or take 1 daily for 10 days. I almost always prefer it twice daily so the period comes sooner. After having the last dosage of it you shall have your period anywhere from 7-10 days. I start around 7 myself. Everyone is different. This med is a hormone so, be aware of the PMS symptoms. They are a typical symptom and make you moody sometimes. Good luck and sorry to hear of you loss.
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