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Hello! How is everyone doing? Boy, I am 25 weeks along and time really seems to be flying by now! This little boy is the most active baby I have ever carried. He moves nonstop. I do not know when he sleeps :) Well, I hope all is well with everyone! Danielle
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Wow!!! It seem's like everyones pregnancy's are going so fast.  I remember feeling like time was draging on and taking forever when I was pregnant.  Good luck to everyone.
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LoL I am with you, this one never stops moving. I sure hope it isn't this active when it is born.
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Good morning everyone.  It's 14dpo for me.  My temp dropped .4 degrees yesterday, and another .4 degrees today. I'm sure AF is coming but hasn't arrived yet. That's unusual for me.  Usually when temp drops one day, AF arrives the next morning.  No sign of her yet.  I wish that meant I could still be pregnant, but I don't think that's possible with the significant temp drop.  We'll be doing an I.U.I. in a couple of weeks.  Please pray that it works the first time!  You all have a great day!  Robin
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Just wanted to let you all know what is going on!!! I am currently 35 days and 4 days and am having some heavy hard contractions. I went to the doc last week and was dialated now internally to 1cm. I go back tomorrow to see if I am more dialated!! Hopefully this little one will be here soon. We are going to talk tomorrow about taking her sooner. She just doesn't seem to have any more room in there!!! How is everyone else?
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Hey--its been a while!!  I was worried about you because I knew last that you had posted you were having contractions.  I am also almost 36 weeks and go for my first internal on Wednesday.  I have really been feeling pressure low and DH keeps telling me that our little one is gonna come sooner than we think.  I was so happy because DH finished the nursery last night.  I can't believe we are almost there!!  Good Luck!

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Hi. Sorry to so long to response had company for the weekend. I am either 8.1 or 7.4 wks. I go thursday for my next scan and i will let you know. Congrats to you!  Is this your first?  My due date should be 08/20th. I'm still on the nervous side with my history. After 11 weeks I will be more comfortable about everything. How have you been feeling? I am just plan tried most of the time and have been able to filled out my bra's..finally!!! Have a nice day.
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I'm almost 25 weeks too !  Last week I thought I was having the next Karly Patterson but she seems to have slowed down a bit in movement.  I still feel her shes just not freaking out.  Spent this weekend putting the baby's dresser together and washing, drying and folding clothes.  My DH and DS are getting really good at folding onsies ! :)  Theye love every minute of it. BTW-I had posted in Sat's open forum that I bought All for baby and it was $5 cheaper a bottle than Dreft.  I also saw Purex for baby and it was same price as All.
I start Lamaze in 3 weeks ... WOW !
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well i am still here :(...i am due today. the bad part is that now i can't even get a good night sleep. last night i kept getting woke up by speratic contractions. well hopefully it will happen soon. (my son told me the other day that it would be today....he also has insisted from the beginning that it is a girl so we will have to see if he is psychic or not. HAHAHA)

oh and robin-

you know the month that my dh and i got pg was the month we did IUI....the kicker is that we got pg right before we did the IUI we just didn't know it....i think it was because we knew that month that someone else was going to do all the work for us so we finally just relaxed.
it is now the joke though that my dh is still waiting for his refund because he did the work himself.
good luck
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MMG- So glad to finally hear from you, i had been asking about you but you weren't logged on at all. Glad to hear that all is going well, and that your little one has had more time to cook in there. Let us know what your Dr sais, it should be interesting to know what he'll say.

Guinea- How are you doing today? I had my first internal done last Friday, it wasn't as bad as i thought and DH was able to stay in the room. He said that the baby is head down, but in the posterior position which we don't want. He gave me some streaching to do to see if we can flip the baby around, DH seems to like the postition since i have to be on my hands and knees with my bum in the air. I haven't started to dialate yet, but my cervix was starting to soften. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, i can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Nanakay- How are you doing girl? Hang in there, hopefully it won't be to much longer. You never know DS might be right it could be a girl, don't we tend to be a bit more stuburn?
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my dh asked me on the way to the hospital the other night if i wantied a girl or a boy.
i said i don't want to say i want a boy....it's just that i know boys. girls are complicated and well they turn 6 going on 16 real fast.
girls just scare me.....how do you teach a girl to be confident, self respecting, and a go getter.....and on the other hand not be a B*[email protected]#,
you know what i mean.....i don't want her to ever think she isn't worthy of anything....but i don't want her to have a big head.
i want her to know that if a man isn't willing to give you the world without you doing anything then he isn't worth it (anotherwords.....she should never be guilted or pressured into sex)
i want her to treat herself like a temple that only the worthy should be able to worship in.

i guess i get these fears because my SIL uses sex like a tool...or at least she thinks she does...she gives it up thinking it will keep a man around.  WHERE IN THE WORLD DID SHE GET THAT IDEA!!!!
i guess it is just like the saying.....with boys you only have one peter to worry about....with girls you have them all!
well....wow i guess i'm doing a lot of venting today!
oh well
hope you are feeling well today!
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Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. They make bottle nipples that have "bumps" on them so they feel more like the breast. I know they sell them at Wal Mart. That might help your bottle feeding difficulty. Good luck. I know newborns take alot of energy to care for (I have had 2).
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Okay i guess i should have said girls are alot more, but i was trying to give us the benifit of the doubt. I think my DH wants a girl just cause he knows what to expect, he had 3 older sisters and he was the youngest. We also have 4 nieces and 4 nephews, he seems to be able to handle the girls alot better i noticed. Have you been feeling and contractions at all today? This is my last week of work, i'm so excited i can't wait to go. Our new car seat and stroller should be in this week some time too, now we just have to wait for this little one to come so that we can put it to use.
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I'm planning on starting my Hospital bag, i've got the babies done just mine that's left. Any idea's on what i should put in mine?
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hmmmm....the only thing i am takig for the baby is a take home outfit and a blanket.....the hospital will give you some diapers to use while there (some give you a small pack of newborn disposables and some give you hospital clothes. if they give you the disposables you actually pay for those in your bill so you get to take those home....if they are the clothes then really you only need a diaper to bring them home in.

as far as what to pack for you....
hygene stuff (like shampoo, soap and brush....they also supply sanitary supplies for while in the hospital)
a maternity outfit that you could wear when you were about 6 months pg and loose fitting shoes. (my feet swelled so bad after my son was born that i couldn't get my feet in my tennishoes even with the laces taken out)

most hospitals allow dad to stay with mom and baby so don't forget to have dh throw some clean drawers in a bag.

if you have questions about what is provided and what isn't call your hospital or better yet go up there....if they aren't slammed they will give you a tour and you ask them what they recommend.  you don't want to take a bunch of unneccessary things, it's just more for dh to pack :)
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Hospital Bag--great topic!!! I was just wondering the same thing--what should we make sure we don't forget???  I haven't done mine yet and it didn't really hit me till last week that I really need to put it together.  We should make sure we don't forget a nursing bra (or at least a comfortable bra) because whether or not any of us will be breastfeeding--our chest will definetly change!!  

I am kinda nervous about my internal especially since Dh won't be able to go with me.  Did they let you know whether or not they anticipate you to go any earlier than your due date?
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Heh, nope the Dr didn't say anything about going early or not. I'm not sure if there able to tell, you could be dialated so far and still be a couple of weeks away. Look at poor Nanakay, she's been dialated to 2 for the last couple of weeks, she's still waiting to see her little one her due date is today. How are you feeling today?
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Some stuff I packed:  change for the vending machines, slippers, camera, and a journal to write down your feelings as labor unfolds. I also took my own prenatal vitamins with my doctor's and the nurse's permission.

I was not able to breastfeed and to help with the pain from engorgement I heard a wivestale about putting cold cabbage leaves in your bra. I kept walking around wondering why I kept smelling coleslaw, but it really did help :)
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