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Hiya girls.  I just wanted to strt an open forum before the days posts get used up.  Whats new with everyone?  My dd is done with day camp, and shes here wreaking havoc on hrl ittle brother and the house in general, and with my almost 5 months pg, and getting ready to move and start college, Im at my wits end with her.  Thank goodness my mom-in-law came back today - hes been out ofthe country for the whole summer, and brought my bro-in-law back with her.  Hes thirteen and always useful for distracting the little rugrats.  He should be here soon.... to save my life and sanity:):)  Anyway, just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and I love this site.  Have a great day everyone(((HUGS)))
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Ima, sounds like you have your hands full. :)

OK today is the big day I am 20w3d and go in this afternoon for the almighty 20 week level II u/s.
They said it will take approx 45 mins for those that just had it what the heck are they looking for? I know they do some measurments etc but what else??
Also were any of you scared to death like me that something funky will shop up? Baby is nice and active and quad screen came back normal but I am so damn nervous.

Wish me luck and any input you insightful/delighful women can share with me would be appreciated.
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37 weeks today!  Want this to be over:(  DD is keeping up now every night with her kicks.  Last night I had bad contractions but unfortunately did not last long enough.  I also fell down the stairs last night and just started crying even though I was not hurt.  I am finding that the past week my hormones are REALLY wacky.  I feel for my DH.  Oh I hope I am told tomorrow I am dilated.  

Wondering how Jifniff and the other gal who was in active labor turned out.  Hopefully they are holding their little ones.
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Happy you asked this question. I was wondering the same thing. I know the check the organs, the umbilical cord, take measurments. Not sure what else though.

Are you allowed to video tape yours? They told me to bring in a VHS and they tape it :o)
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If your quad screen came back normal you really have nothing to worry about. They will measure the skin at the back of the babies neck to check for downs. Generally just check to see if all is on schedule. Hopefully you will get some good pics of the little one with legs wide open. Did they tell you to bring a video tape? My DD watches the video of her in mommy's belly all the time.
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They measure EVERYTHING there is to measure.  The babys head, ear canal, eyes, intestines, major organs, stomache, they look at how much fluid he will swallow, measure the ammount of fluid, the size of placenta, the umbilical cord, and check it for three sections, the babys femer, pelvis, hands, feet, check the function of the organs in addition to measuring for the size, and they will probably adjust your edd now too, making it a few days sooner or later.  I think I remember seeing the tooth buds too.  They basically look at everythign they can, and sometimes the baby doesnt cooperate and they have to jiggle him around so hell move.  As or worrying something will show up, the onlything that will make that better is WHEN ITS OVER.  Haha.  Sorry, Ive been through this twice and coming up on y third, and nothign does it but that.  Good luck and enjoy:):)
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No they did not mention that to me. Hmmmm, I will have to make a phone call. ;)
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