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ovulation microscope vs temperature

hi everybody, i ovulated on sept 4th and period came sept 10th till sept 14,short period for me, no too much cramping.
i use bbt, mucus chart and microscope chart and yesterday sept 23th the microsp. indicated ovulation but didn't have temperature rise( no more 97.7) and was dry ( no muccus).
is the microscope accurate? did i ovulate?.
by the way i had intercourse on sept 4th and mucus days prior to it. hoping to get pregnant  thanks for the help!!
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i said microscope chart, i meant ovulation microscope
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bbt can only tell you in hind sight if you ovulated. so if you are in the process of ovulation than you should get a temp dip in the next few days. most devices that predict ovulation tell you a few days prior to ovulation so you can have sex in the next few days. bbt is tricky too....anything can mess up a temp.

sex 5-4 days prior to ovulation = 5% chance of PG

sex 3-2 days prior to ovulation (OPKs and fertility monitors would be showing a positive now) = 33% chance of PG

sex day prior and day of ovulation = 5% chance of PG

sex day after ovulation (bbt would show temp dip now, too late) = 0% chance of PG

cervical mucus can change because of fluid intake, diet, or many other reasons. if you want to be PG then i would suggest having sex at min everyother day through out your cycle. usually bbt gives results after 3 mos....back tracking on the 3 charts should give you a rough guess when you ovulate each month so you can make sure to have sex at that time the 4th cycle. i use OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) i pee on the stick everyday from CD7 till pos. when i get a pos that means that i am 24-36 hours from ovulation...time to have lots of sex. a pos reading for the answer bran OPKs is when the 1st line is as dark or darker than the control (2nd) line. i have had 2 days of a equally dark line and today the 1st line was darker than the control....i have been busy the last few days...LOL.

love, hugs, and baby dust....kimmie


you can find me and ask me any questions at the above address any time.
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thanks for the getting back so quickly. i am going to lots home work with my DH to get pg. i love this forum. it is great to have people with such disposition to help.  i'm on my secong moonth tryng to get pg and very thankful to have you guys!!
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i completely understand ...DH and i have been TTCing for 9 mos now after depo provera shot. i have been off the shot 19 mos and it has been a struggle. i finally ovulated and concieved last cycle for the first time....but i had a m/c due to low progesterone...another side effect of depo. it can take 12-18 mos to get PG after this ****. i am in my 2 week wait for testing now....just ovulated today. so i know how important it is to have support. feel free to e-mail me or join my group. i hope you get your little one ASAP!!!

love, hugs, and baby dust....kimmie
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i also noticed i had short luteal phase and read that this indicates low levels of progesterone. i just ordered my natural progeterone cream. i've never done any progesterone, provera or clomid. i am kind scare to put any stuff in my body, took me long to decide to use the progesterone cream but after doing  a lot of reading i decided to use it. wish me luck,  i wish you the best and pray the good news will come soon for us!!
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hey kimmie, my friend just called me. she got a positive test but was still charting bbt and microscope and microscope showed she ovulated today. if she is pregnant, how can the microscope indicate ovulation,maybe because her estrogen levels are high due to pregnancy?. please help she cannot go to de doc till monday and is really nervous.
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